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Nuebar – Conditioner Super Rich


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic olive and argan oils and cocoa butter.
Nuebar is Australian made, contains Certified Organic content, is 100% Palm Oil Free (Orangutan Alliance Certified), Cruelty Free (Choose Cruelty Free accredited) and Vegan. The brand does not use MICA, due to the child labour issues involved in Mica mining. In addition, their products are sulfate free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free and naturopathically formulated to be low tox. Furthermore Nuebar products are handmade.
Nuebar products are biodegradable solid format products that are all in plastic free packaging. They are handmade in a solar powered laboratory. Instead, the brand uses recycled paper packaging with soy inks that are printed in Australia. All fulfillment via Nuebar’s online store is 100% plastic free. Furthemore on Earth Day this year, they launched a Recycling program, accepting hair and beauty plastic packaging from any brand to be recycled at the expense of NueBar, with Terracycle.
10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue (plastics prevention and recovery charity).

What our experts say...


This super rich conditioner bar left my hair soft and shiny. It has a beautiful subtle scent, is fantastically zero waste and a little goes a long, long way. Beautiful non-toxic ingredients and a sustainable, zero waste ethos make this an excellent choice. I’m a big fan of Nuebar’s commitment to quality non-toxic ingredients, local production, demonstrated zero waste ethos and support of value aligned organisations. An extra shout out for implementing TerraCycle to recycle plastic packaging from any hair and beauty brands.

–Niccii Kugler


I loved this zero waste conditioner bar because I could see instant results – soft, shiny and smooth hair. Since chemically treating my hair I haven’t used a conditioner bar, and was excited to try one. Previously, I have been apprehensive to use bars as I couldn’t seem to find one to suit my hair. I found the Nuebar Super Rich Conditioner Bar left my hair feeling normal so it definitely passed the test. They have a great formula and I can highly recommend it!
I have strong values of keeping mother earth at the front of my mind when making purchases and it’s my mission to ditch unnecessary plastics. Nuebars conditioner bar aligns with this, with the added benefit of skipping out potentially harmful chemicals and being made with natural ingredients.

–Petria Leggo- Field


Made with argan oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, how can your hair not feel luscious after using this little bar of goodness? They have not compromised the desire to create a good product with their desire to create an ethical and sustainable one.

–Sarah Berry

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