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Nuebar – Face Wash Normal


Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic cacao butter and coconut oil.
Nuebar is Australian made, contains Certified Organic content, is 100% Palm Oil Free (Orangutan Alliance Certified), Cruelty Free (Choose Cruelty Free accredited) and Vegan. The brand does not use MICA, due to the child labour issues involved in Mica mining. In addition, their products are sulfate free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free and naturopathically formulated to be low tox.
Nuebar products are biodegradable solid format products that are all in plastic free packaging. Instead, the brand uses recycled paper packaging with soy inks that are printed in Australia. All fulfilment via Nurbar’s online store is 100% plastic free.
10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue (plastics prevention and recovery charity)

What our experts say...

Good size and not too foamy! Resonates highly with my own values. Using a waste product and making it valuable is a major trump card. In addition, you can tell everything has been thought through – especially no-plastic packaging and supporting the Tangaroa Blue charity.

– Jacqui Scruby

I love finding a zero waste answer to a product where I couldn’t picture the zero waste alternative prior. Easy to use, portable, long lasting and most importantly a great cleanser. It removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean, fresh and yet not stripped or tight. I love that Nuebar is a 100% plastic free and palm oil free business.

–Emily Fletcher

I like the metal tin the product comes with! I also love that 10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue, which is an underrated non profit doing great work for a long time.

–Kathryn Nelson

I like the size of the product and the scent is very light and natural smelling. I appreciate all the brand’s social responsibility commitments, especially their commitment to not using mica.

– Lille Madden

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