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Nuebar – Solid Body Exfoliation Bar Recycled Coffee


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes recycled coffee grounds and Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil .
Nuebar is Australian made, contains Certified Organic content, is 100% Palm Oil Free (Orangutan Alliance Certified), Cruelty Free (Choose Cruelty Free accredited) and Vegan. The brand does not use MICA, due to the child labour issues involved in Mica mining. In addition, their products are sulfate free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free and naturopathically formulated to be low tox. Furthermore Nuebar products are handmade.
Nuebar products are biodegradable solid format products that are all in plastic free packaging. They are handmade in a solar powered laboratory. Instead, the brand uses recycled paper packaging with soy inks that are printed in Australia. All fulfillment via Nuebar’s online store is 100% plastic free. Furthemore on Earth Day this year, they launched a Recycling program, accepting hair and beauty plastic packaging from any brand to be recycled at the expense of NueBar, with Terracycle.
10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue (plastics prevention and recovery charity).

What our experts say...


I really love how light and yet exfoliating this product is against my skin and the coffee scent is so lovely. I also love the minimalist packaging and design. The bar size is also great to work with. I love that the product is made in the blue mountains and that they recycle coffee grounds to create the product. I also appreciate their plastic free commitment and their work in supporting organisations that clean up our oceans.

–Stephanie Kurlow


The presentation = *chefs kiss*. Super beautiful and a really appealing product. I loved the idea that when using this on my skin, that it was also cleaning my drains, naturally. This left my skin feeling really soft and would be such a great gift for the coffee lovers in our lives. This ticked all the boxes – It is definitely something I would buy myself, without any of the conflict I feel with other products. An absolute no-brainer.

–Emily Ehlers


I’m a sucker for a really good scrub. I love that this scrub comes in a bar format, making it so much easier to hold and use. The product consistency was just right, I liked how abrasive the coffee grounds were, just enough to feel like you are having a really good exfoliate but not so strong that it feels like you are running sandpaper on your skin, haha. The smell was lovely, I enjoyed using this product in the morning, it felt like my skin was having its very own morning cuppa. As I child I grew up on the beach, so this product and the commitment by Nuebar to contribute to Tangaroa Blue shows that they are passionate about preserving the planet and ensuring the safety of our marine life. I’m incredibly happy to see that as a business Nuebar put their money into environmental practices in all aspects of their business from the ingredients that they use to the production of their product.

–Samantha Christian

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