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Nuebar – Starter Pack Normal Hair


Made from excellent non-toxic ingredients and materials. Includes organic cacao butter and coconut oil. Aluminium tin and 100% cotton bag.
Nuebar is Australian made, contains Certified Organic content, is 100% Palm Oil Free (Orangutan Alliance Certified), Cruelty Free (Choose Cruelty Free accredited) and Vegan. The brand does not use MICA, due to the child labour issues involved in Mica mining. In addition, their products are sulfate free, artificial fragrance free, paraben free and naturopathically formulated to be low tox.
Nuebar products are biodegradable solid format products that are all in plastic free packaging. Instead, the brand uses recycled paper packaging with soy inks that are printed in Australia. All fulfilment via Nurbar’s online store is 100% plastic free.
10% of profit goes to Tangaroa Blue (plastics prevention and recovery charity).

What our experts say...

This shampoo bar smells delicious, is very easy to use and I noticed a difference with my hair straight away. My curly hair doesn’t always respond well to shampoo bars – they can leave my hair feeling limp – but this was excellent, with no residue left. I like the little bag for putting the scraps to ensure they are not wasted.

The founder has clearly put a lot of work into choosing ethical and sustainable ingredients that work well and are followed up with proper certification and accreditation where possible. There’s a lot of thought with this brand – plastic free packaging and shipping (even the tape on the packaging was paper, not plastic), avoiding problematic ingredients, using organic ingredients, and 10% of profits are donated to Tangaroa Blue. 

– Lindsay Miles

I absolutely loved this shampoo. To find a low tox, zero waste solution that froths and cleans my greasy hair is such a score. Plus the ability to travel with it in a tin. Loved it – Thank you! Using a waste product and making it valuable is a major trump card. In addition, you can tell everything has been thought through – especially no-plastic packaging and supporting the Tangaroa Blue charity. 

–Jacqui Scruby

This kit not only combines one of my all time favourite shampoos, it enables it to be portable with the help of a cute aluminium tin and used right to the end. Nuebar’s normal shampoo gives my hair volume and shine and really does suit all hair types. I love that this pack includes the bits bag as I have found so often that I struggle to use all my shampoo bars when they get small. This bag means that I can use them right to the end and was a total revelation for me, I love it.

–Emily Fletcher

Love the metal tin packaging! I also appreciate, so much, the donations to Tangaroa Blue, which is a noble choice.

–Kathryn Nelson


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