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Nuele Hair – Hair Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients, including moringa, argan, rosemary and jojoba oils.
Both NUELE Hair Serum and NUELE Hair Mask are manufactured in the USA, with ingredients from the US, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, and India. All ingredients meet US FDA Organic standards and their suppliers meet global fair wage standards and work principals, with no child labor. The brand also utilizes ingredients that meet high value addition processing at their point of origin to ensure that the suppliers can obtain higher monetary value for their agricultural inputs. Nuele maintains 100% organic products that do not include known toxicants, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, mutagens, or allergens. The brand has obtained certification from partners such as MadeSafe and The Environmental Working Group (EWG).
Nuele’s Serum and Mask utilize amber glass bottles that enable increased shelf life for light / UV sensitive products. Ingredients are purchased in bulk in short frequency to minimize waste and transportation emissions. All Nuele packaging is recyclable and their shipping boxes are uncolored durable cardboard boxes. They aim to limit the use of extra packing material, reduce freight costs, and minimize shipper carbon footprints. Nuele’s Hair Serum and Hair Mask are waterless, thus, we do not contribute to the direct water stress being felt globally. The products do not use pesticides which have been shown to bioaccumulate in flora and fauna leading to significant environmental degradation. Nuele actively works with their farming communities and suppliers, which can help economically strengthen these communities. The brand's EWG certification is a testament to their adherence to both clean and sustainable beauty practices.
Nuele Hair works with their moringa ingredient supplier, TrueMoringa, by accepting donations on their website to plant moringa trees in Ghana. This is very important to the female farmers that they work with as it helps to keep and create jobs, thus helping local communities and families. The brand continues to partner with female owned brands, BIPOC brands, brands with initiatives to support women entrepreneurs, and local empowerment initiatives that prepare younger women for the job market. In addition, Nuele donates to Living Beyond Breast Cancer that provides resources to people impacted by breast cancer and donates to The Loveland Foundation that provides financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy.

What our experts say...

Less is definitely more and I love that they have formulated this powerful serum with only 5 certified organic ingredients! The serum is very lightweight and doesn’t weigh my hair down like other hair serums/oils. It gave my hair a little more volume and shine and my fly-aways are finally under control! It makes my heart so happy that Nuele is all about supporting and providing opportunities for women! From supporting female charities to the families and communities in Ghana, it is fabulous that their hearts are in the right place!

– Marisa Robinson

I really loved the detailed instructions for different hair types and styles – helped me to feel more confident using it and got much better results. Love that this brand has strong values that they stand by – supporting communities where their ingredients come from and a huge focus on women.

–Courtney Dow

Easy to apply and distribute through hair, this serum has worked wonders to reduce frizz around my daughter’s curls. I like that only a little is needed and it never looks greasy. I really admire Nuele for their commitment to using only organic ingredients from fair trade partnerships.

–Emily Fletcher

Very nourishing! 

–Paloma Garcia

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