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Nurtur Tea – Nursing



Our Nursing tea blend, formulated with 100% pesticide-free herbs, helps boost milk supply, support a healthy digestive system and relieve colic symptoms for babies. Backed by Naturopaths and made in the Sunshine Coast. 100% sustainably produced.

Formulated with excellent clean, 100% pesticide-free ingredients including fennel, caraway, red raspberry and nettle.
Nurtur Tea sources herbs from a Queensland distributor who only works with sustainable farming partners. The herbs supplier is HACCP registered and NASAA certified organic. Tea tubes are ethically produced in a Chinese FSC & ACM factory to ensure good working conditions and no child labour or forced labour. The brand culture embraces no discrimination, gender equality and no judgement for women's choices about their bodies.
Nurtur Tea offers a refill option for all their blends in biodegradable bags for sustainability. Their tea bags are plastic-free and made from a compostable and biodegradable plant-based material called PLA Corn Fibre. The tea bag labels and string are heat-sealed without polymers or glues and loose leaf clear pouches are made from a plastic-free material called cellophane. Items are packaged in recyclable and compostable Hex Wrap honeycomb paper and mailers are made from home-compostable materials. All tea blends are vegan and cruelty-free and packages are delivered to the post office on an e-bike, weather permitting.
Nurtur Tea has partnered with women's health charity Share The Dignity and will donate 1% of their annual revenue to help women and girls experiencing homelessness, domestic violence or difficult situations, with a focus on ending period poverty and providing access to sanitary items. They will also gift their tea for the next endometriosis charity high tea organised by Sunshine Coast Endometriosis charity End Endo High Tea in 2023, as well as to Sunshine Coast event company Self Events Co who donate profits to local charities.

Product reviews from our experts…


I was impressed that this nursing tea not only supported boosting my milk supply naturally, yet it did so using ingredients that are 100% pesticide-free and sourced from sustainable farming partners. It was excellent to know that the production of the tea and the distributor of the herbs are sourced as part of an Australian supported supply chain. In addition, the tea tasted lovely, and was the perfect way to take a break and relax as a new mother. I look forward to continuing to drink this tea throughout my breastfeeding journey.

Knowing that the tea ingredients were both HACCP registered and NASAA certified organic gave me confidence that I was drinking a clean product that is supporting the wellbeing of myself and my baby. I value a clear and transparent supply chain that is backed by certifications. It gives me confidence as a consumer that I can rely on Nurtur Tea as an ethical brand!

–Renee Carpenter


I love tea, so it was enjoyable to drink. I also love that they’re sharing a percentage of their annual revenue to give back!

–Dee Zibara


It was a really lovely tea – beautiful ingredients. Lovely packaging! It is great to hear the ingredients are sourced through a distributor who only works with sustainable farming partners. I also love that they donate a portion of their proceeds to a wonderful charity.

–Keira Rumble

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