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Nutra Organics – Berry Immune


Made from excellent, mostly organic ingredients including organic strawberry, camu camu, rosehip, acai berry and wildcrafted sea buckthorn.
Nutra Organics use organic ingredients and Australian suppliers wherever possible. All of the brand’s product manufacturing and label printing is also done in Australia. Nutra Organics is proudly partnered with Synergy Group (since 2015) for all labelling and bagging. Synergy Group is a local equal opportunity employer that employs those living with a permanent disability, providing these individuals with a safe and supportive working environment.
In terms of packing, Nutra Organics ensures all sachets and wrappers for their Wholefood Bars, Superfood Lattes, Broths and Collagens are in 100% home compostable packaging and all unnecessary plastics have been removed. The brand is also transitioning their product range from plastic recyclable tubs to 100% plastic free canisters. Nutra Organics aims for sustainable operations, as their warehouse runs mostly plastic free, using recycled cardboard boxes, home compostable mailers, recyclable paper filling and paper bubble wrap. Any unavoidable plastic (such as pallet wrapping) is recycled through a local partner. On the 460 acres of land Nutra Organics now owns, they have committed to expand a koala corridor to provide more safe homes for this endangered species.
Through Nutra Organic’s Project Give Back initiative, they have partnered with several Australian charities to fund the clean up of 100km of shorelines, plant 2,000 trees, provide 30,000 meals to individuals in need, donated $30,000 to Australian bushfire relief services (WIRES, NSWRFS and Red Cross), and have donated $30,000 to Bridging the Gap Foundation.

What our experts say...

My 18 month old son literally ate this product out of the tin with sincere joy! The brand has a very obvious commitment to supporting local and the environment in many parts of their business, including their acquisition of land.

– Rebecca Sullivan

This has a seriously delicious Berry flavour. To be honest it tastes so good, I have to work hard to keep the adults in our house from tucking in! With a sprinkle of this, suddenly breakfasts get eaten before school… I love that it gives a vitamin C boost along with some zinc and iron- especially since now our littlies will be heading back to school in a pandemic!

– Emily Fletcher

Wow – this blend is packed with so many powerful ingredients – sea buckthorn, acai, beetroot, echinacea, shitake mushroom and lacuma just to name a few, and it tastes so sweet and delicious. I’ve been adding it to the kid’s smoothies without feeling the need to disguise it with sweet ingredients. I love that the beetroot and acai turn the smoothies a deep purple colour (and so do the kids!). A perfect immune booster for kids who favour starchy foods. Love this brand’s sustainable and compostable packaging efforts and their generous efforts to give back to society and the environment.

– Emma Freeman

This blush coloured, super berry immune blend is a fun way to boost your immunity. Whether you choose to sprinkle the pink powder over food or stir it into a glass of milk, each serve provides you with significant amounts of vitamin C, as well as Zinc and Iron.

– Dominique Scott

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