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Nutra Organics – Chicken Bone Broth Miso Ramen


Made from excellent ingredients including Certified organic red miso and Australian free range organic chicken bone broth.
Nutra Organics uses organic ingredients and Australian suppliers wherever possible, with no addition of artificial ingredients, synthetics, fillers, flavours, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. The bovine collagen is proudly sourced from the most sustainable and ethical manufacturer in the world. All of the brand’s product manufacturing and label printing is also done in Australia. Nutra Organics is proudly partnered with Synergy Group (since 2015) for all labeling and bagging. Synergy Group is a local equal opportunity employer that employs those living with a permanent disability, providing these individuals with a safe and supportive working environment.
All Nutra Organics canisters are recyclable and their bar wrappers and sachets are 100% home compostable. The brand's local box supplier, who supplies all the boxes for bars, sachet packs, and shipping boxes, operates under the ‘Environmental Code of Practice for Packaging’, a code which ensures minimising environmental impact throughout their operations. Nutra Organics carefully considers their everyday environmental impact. For example they reuse all their cardboard by converting it into packing materials, use paper or biodegradable tape to seal all their boxes and only use 100% recycled paper and biodegradable materials for filling purposes. The brand is in the process of becoming B Corp certified and has the goal to become carbon neutral in the next 24 months.
Partnering with Project Give Back has provided Nutra Organics the opportunity to team up with Health Lab who go into rural communities in Australia in order to bring education about food and nutrition. The brand has also supported charities such as NSWRSF, Red Cross, WIRES, Salvation Army, Vinnies, OzHarvest, Clean Ocean Foundation and Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. Most recently the entire team volunteered their time to clean up for a weekend after the devastating floods. They also donated broths, bars and started the Fridges For Families initiative that saw 50 families in need gifted a fridge by Nutra Organics and a $250 food voucher to fill their new fridge with food.

What our experts say...


It’s challenging to find a bone broth that actually tastes good yet Nutra Organics have really nailed it with this miso ramen version of their powdered bone broth. Packed with nutrients, it’s super easy to prepare (you just need a kettle and a cup) and thoroughly enjoyable to drink. Love this brand’s efforts to keep everything local, that their tins are endlessly recyclable (thanks to being aluminium) and the huge efforts made to give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


This organic miso chicken bone broth comes as a powder, making it a more convenient and longer lasting alternative to the liquid version. I love that you can simply add the flavour packed powder to boiling water for an instant gut healing and immune boosting broth or use it to enhance the flavour of other dishes. It is commendable that Nutra Organics aims to be both B Corp certified and carbon neutral. An Australian brand that prioritises supporting local businesses, as well as our environment.

–Dominique Scott


Great flavour, great idea. Love the instant broth powders that you have made, so nice to have a healthy option to quickly flavour a meal. I love that Nutra organics use entirely Australian made packaging- it can be so much cheaper to go overseas, so love this detail and think the goal for the next 12 months is a great one. Nutra has a very clear and strong social responsibility statement and they are doing a wonderful job. They have looked over every detail of the business and it shows.

–Jade Woodd

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