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Oasis Black – Amazonian Face & Body Balm



This organic remedy balm blends Babassu oil and Black Seed oil, both known for their beneficial properties, to create a versatile solution. Made solely from organic plant extracts, it can be used on the face and body for improved skin health.

Formulated with excellent clean, organic ingredients including organic babassu, hemp seed, black seed and macadamia oils.
Oasis Black is an Australian brand that produces handmade, all-natural, organic and sustainable skincare products that are multi-purpose to simplify and minimize the number of products needed. The ingredients used are minimally processed and of the highest quality, avoiding unnecessary waste of resources. The products are palm oil-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, with no hidden nasties or synthetic ingredients. The brand uses water-free formulas that eliminate the need for harmful preservatives and bulky containers, reducing transportation costs.
Oasis Black is focused on the simple power of plants and using nature's resources to maintain our health and the health of the planet. They have developed a Products, Packaging, and Giving Back program with the goal of reducing waste and encouraging sustainability. Their products are made with water-free formulas that do not require harmful preservatives and are packaged in curb-side recyclable/reusable bottles, jars, tins, or plastic-free, home-compostable and biodegradable cellophane. Their information flyers and cards are printed on 100% recycled stock and they use sustainably made paper-based packaging materials for shipping.
Oasis Black has implemented a Giving Back program that donates a portion of sales proceeds and/or time to support charities and initiatives within local and global communities aligned with its goals and values. The program focuses on three pillars of support: The Planet, Community Connect, and Empowering Women in Business. The Planet pillar aims to inspire education and support organisations that combat plastic pollution and unsustainable farming practices, such as local charities Take3 and Australian Seabird Rescue. Community Connect supports community and mental health recovery after crises and disasters by leading by example and supporting mental health initiatives. Empowering Women in Business aims to help female small-business owners lead successful businesses and co-operatives through one-on-one mentoring services and the purchase of ingredients produced by women-led co-operatives in developing nations.

Product reviews from our experts…


The tin was easy to open/close and compact enough to pop into the handbag! I liked the ingredients list – love that they use clean, organic ingredients. It absorbed into the skin nicely, went on smoothly and didn’t leave too much residue. The label was clear to read and not too crowded.

I love that they are focused on handmade, all-natural, organic and sustainable skincare products that are multi-purpose to simplify/minimize the number of products needed! I also like the idea of the Giving Back Program.

–Samantha Gilmore


I love that this product is able to be used on my face and body – and I really like that my skin feels super hydrated and supple after I use it. It was particularly useful on my dry hands and feet and also on the chicken skin on my thighs!!

I love their social responsibility program that hits at three levels. I like the idea of packaging it in a tin. I also love that they have concentrated on using as many water-free products as possible.

–Lucy Cousins


We like the consistency, the feel of the balm and the natural smell. We also think that the brand’s giving back program is great!

–Kirstie + Sarah

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