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Oasis Black – Golden Face & Body Oil



This product is a luxurious beauty oil infused with black seed oil, frankincense, carrot seed, ylang-ylang and lavender. It is designed to give the skin a glow and offers age-defying, UV defending, sebum regulating and calming benefits.

Formulated with excellent clean, organic ingredients, including organic nigella, carrot seed, frankincense and ylang ylang oils.
Oasis Black is an Australian brand that focuses on creating handmade, multi-purpose products using natural, organic and sustainable ingredients to simplify customers' routines and reduce clutter in their bathrooms. The brand uses minimally processed natural ingredients to avoid unnecessary waste of resources and ensures its products are cruelty-free, palm oil-free, and vegan-friendly. The products are also made with water-free formulas to eliminate the need for harmful preservatives and bulky containers.
Oasis Black has developed a Products, Packaging, and Giving Back program with a focus on sustainability and reducing waste. Their products are made with water-free formulas to eliminate the need for harmful preservatives and bulky containers, and are housed in recyclable and compostable packaging. The brand also uses sustainably made shipping materials to reduce their environmental impact and encourage customers to reduce their waste as well.
Oasis Black has implemented a Giving Back program, which donates a portion of sales proceeds and/or time to charities and initiatives aligned with the company's goals and values. The program focuses on three pillars: The Planet, Community Connect, and Empowering Women in Business. The first pillar supports charities that inspire participation through education to combat plastic pollution and unsustainable farming practices, while the second pillar aims to lead by example and support mental health initiatives in the community. The third pillar offers mentoring services for local female small-business owners and purchases ingredients produced by women-led co-operatives in developing nations.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that this is a super nourishing and rich oil which adds a subtle, natural glow to my complexion that isn’t at all artificial looking or glittery. The oil has a slight natural scent which isn’t overpowering or offensive and when applied it hydrates and absorbs really nicely without leaving my skin feeling oily or greasy.

I love that their formulas are water-free so you are truly getting the benefits of their powerful ingredients and blends without it being diluted. I also love to hear of their commitment to sustainability and reducing waste!

–Marisa Robinson


The frankincense scented elixir is sensational on every level. The nourishing oil is made up of quality organic ingredients, which truly nourish your skin and leave you with a gorgeous golden shimmer. I want to cover myself from head to toe with this beautiful product!

Oasis Black clearly considers the environment in all that they do. I particularly love that their products are made with water-free formulas to eliminate the need for harmful preservatives and bulky containers – Very impressive!

–Dominique Scott


We liked the shimmer, packaging and branding of this golden face and body elixir! We were also impressed by the brands giving back program.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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