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Olli Ella – Rattan Mushroom Basket


GOLD + Editor's Choice

The red and cream Mushroom Basket is made from 100% natural rattan and serves as a portable home for Holdie Folk and small dolls. With an adjustable handle and a little door that opens and shuts, it provides a generous space for carrying treasures and doubles as a decorative basket.

Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Handwoven natural rattan, coloured with water-based paints.
Olli Ella is a company that creates handwoven products in Vietnam, employing women in local communities to weave the materials in the comfort of their own homes whilst caring for their families. The company prioritises alignment in values over value for money when selecting makers, and sets benchmarks for ethical supply, quality product, and minimal environmental impact. The brand is committed to a positive impact for every human it encounters, from supplier to end customer.
Olli Ella is a B Corp certified company committed to creating a positive impact on the planet and minimising its environmental footprint. The company's Mushroom Baskets are compostable and shipped in recyclable boxes. Olli Ella refers to and certifies with the Proposition CA 65 list to ensure they are creating products without harmful chemicals and care about the safety of both people and the environment. The company strives to ensure its products are loved for a long time without harmful or hidden chemicals.
Olli Ella is committed to making positive progress in environmental and social issues, embracing days such as International Women's Day and Earth Day to share their commitment. The company works with Save The Children and donates a percentage of each Dinkum Doll sale to the charity, as well as supporting local charities in each region. Each office also has an Environmental Hero, existing staff members who champion environmental practices among all staff to ensure the company's environmental essence is reflected across all levels of the organization.

Product reviews from our experts…


My 2.5yo really loved this mushroom basket. So far I have seen him use it for imaginative play, as a home for his gnome friends and even to collect the chickens eggs! The little door is so cute and the clasp and roof design is so clever! The little handle is the perfect size for little hands and what I love most about the product is that it avoids the use of any toxic chemicals, toxic glues and toxic paints!

I value the dedication to safe working environments and practices that this business ensures for its crafters. I also value that they prioritise safety of our children over profit. All of the postage material was recyclable and compostable and I love that even when the basket has seen its day, I am able to return it to the compost to break down naturally.

–Zenaya Sol


My daughter and I have had hours of play imagining worlds inside the mushroom basket. I love how it can come with us on adventures. Utilising the process of hand weaving over machine making infuses the basket with high intention and connection to people and the raw materials of the earth. The ripple effect of prioritising humans over machines in the manufacturing process reaches far and wide, starting with empowerment in local communities to inevitably having an impact on how the business is run and its recipients.

–Montana Lower


I like the natural look and feel of the design, and its durability. My 5 year old uses it for a myriad of treasures and they’re drawn to its cuteness. It’s also amazing that they are creating such great local employment opportunities in Vietnam built into the supply chain.

–Veronica Milsom

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