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One Seed – Laundrette Next Day Spray



Introducing a dry shampoo for clothes that swiftly eliminates odours, sanitises fabrics and offers a calming scent of chamomile and mint. Designed to deodorise clothing, towels, bed linen, wardrobes and more. No water needed.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients.
One Seed is an Australian brand that ensures all its products are made in Australia and sources ingredients from reputable and ethical suppliers. The brand does not support companies that use forced labour or child labour and has agreements in place with its major retail partners to ensure ethical practices and fair wages are maintained.
One Seed is committed to reducing the use of plastic in their products, opting for recycled (rPET) plastic where necessary and mostly using glass for packaging. Their outer packaging is made from FSC-Certified paper pulp with recycled cotton content and they ship products with biofil compostable packing peanuts. All of their ingredients are fully biodegradable and they avoid using ingredients that contribute to declines in species or overharvesting.
One Seed donates 10% of their annual profits to Collective Shout, a vision for a "world free of sexploitation."

Product reviews from our experts…


The smell is beautiful and I like the easy lightweight use of the spray bottle. I’m impressed by the thought not only with the product using recycled PET bottles but also the thoughtfulness of the packaging right down to the compostable tape they use to secure the box. I also love the concept of the product which helps extend linen or clothing items from being washed as regularly – you can freshen them up with this spray!

–Amelia Davatzis


Extending the number of wears between washes is good for the environment and our schedules. I also appreciate that there is care taken in the brand’s ingredient selections, as well as the ethics of their production!

–Amanda Jason


The smell! Is amazing and fresh. Not overpowering and not a hint of chemicals. Great for refreshing linen and wardrobes. 

One Seed lives and breathes the organic, natural lifestyle. We love their commitment to their statement ‘Nothing to hide’. They create amazing, stylish, functional products that are kind to humans and the planet.

–Jessica McLeod

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