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One Seed – Tides eau de parfum


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

Introducing a clean aquatic fragrance featuring sea salt, skin musk, sage, ambrette seed, green tea, magnolia and driftwood notes. Experience the refreshing coolness of coastal air and the delicate aroma of sun-warmed bare skin with this scent.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients.
One Seed is an Australian brand that ensures all its products are made in Australia and sources ingredients from reputable and ethical suppliers. The brand does not support companies that use forced labour or child labour and has agreements in place with its major retail partners to ensure ethical practices and fair wages are maintained.
One Seed is committed to reducing the use of plastic in their products, opting for recycled (rPET) plastic where necessary and mostly using glass for packaging. Their outer packaging is made from FSC-Certification paper pulp with recycled cotton content and they ship products with biofill compostable packing peanuts. All of their ingredients are fully biodegradable and they avoid using ingredients that contribute to declines in species or overharvesting.
One Seed donates 10% of their annual profits to Collective Shout, an organization working towards a world free of sexploitation.

Product reviews from our experts…


A light-weight fragrance reminiscent of a tropical holiday. Brings a sense of refreshment and freedom. The minimal glass packaging with its wooden cap indicates a luxurious simplicity. I also like their focus on ethical suppliers and work against sexploitation. These are important areas!

–Neha Hobson


This salty yet sweet fragrance whisks me away to summer days spent by the beach whilst holidaying in Europe in my 20s. Notes of melon harmonise flawlessly with sea salt and earthy driftwood undertones, curating a divine, oceanic-inspired fragrance. Calming yet uplifting, perfect for day wear.

I’m also impressed by this brand’s efforts to source locally and ethically and give back quite significantly to a very worthy cause.

–Emma Freeman


As the name suggests, Tides is an uplifting fragrance that is reminiscent of fun-filled, summer days along the Australian coast. The scent is light and feminine and represents the perfect everyday perfume!

I respect One Seed for carefully considering their sourcing and manufacturing processes. I also love that the brand donates 10% of their annual profits to Collective Shout, which aims to support a world free of sexploitation.

–Dominique Scott

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