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Oobamboo – Bamboo Unbleached Toilet Rolls 36 | Double Length | 3-ply |Unwrapped



This pack contains 36 rolls of sustainable bamboo toilet paper without bleach, chlorine, BPA, or dyes. It is 3-ply, super soft, super strong, and septic safe. Each roll has 300 sheets, double the length, with an embossed texture for extra strength. Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

Made from excellent materials. 100% bamboo pulp.
Oobamboo is committed to promoting ethical work environments in its operations and supply chains, and fights against modern slavery. The brand sources its bamboo toilet paper from Yongchuan, Chongqing, China, from a supplier that meets its social standards. Using bamboo pulp instead of wood pulp has saved 6,000,000 trees from being cut down each year. Oobamboo pays its suppliers a fair price to help build local jobs and infrastructure and employs 1,200 local workers out of 1,600 employees to lift the socioeconomic level of the area. The brand closely monitors its suppliers and engages in sustainable, fair labour practices and environmental responsibility.
Oobamboo uses 100% bamboo pulp to make its products, which saves trees from being cut down and helps to preserve habitats for endangered and native animals. Bamboo grows up to 30 times faster than trees and only takes a few months to grow and harvest. It is also naturally resistant to pests, so it does not require pesticides. Oobamboo uses recycled cardboard packaging, paper tape and carbon-neutral courier companies for delivery.
Oobamboo is committed to donating 50% of its profit to Australian charities and ONE GIRL and customers can choose which charity to donate to. The brand has donated $1210 worth of products to Escabags, planted 355 trees and 38 koala food trees in Port Macquarie and adopted a Koala while supporting the wild Koala breeding program at Port Macquarie Koala hospital. The brand also supports ONE GIRL and World Animal Protection.

Product reviews from our experts…


The toilet paper itself is fantastic. Soft, strong, no nasty dyes. This is a stand out product for me and I am officially converted to Oobamboo. It passes the test of my fussy husband (he thinks his butt’s kinda special) who hasn’t approved of alot of my eco toilet papers over the years. And it also passed the scientifically proven strong loo paper test… my 5 year old made a karate bandana for all of us after watching Kung Fu Panda!! ha! But jokes aside, this is a quality toilet paper which is healthier for me and our planet.
I like that they haven’t wrapped the rolls individually.

It’s outstanding, the efforts they are putting in to giving profits back to charities as well as ensuring good work standards.And of course, bamboo instead of trees is great. We shouldn’t be making toilet paper any other way.

–Amanda Jason


I like the minimal packaging and that it is unbleached. It is very focused on toilet roll being as minimal as possible.

I’m impressed by the material used and the charitable efforts made by such a young company.

–Julie Mathers


I like that this toilet paper contains no nasty chemicals and is tree-free!

I like the brand’s commitment to social and environmental organisations (eg., ONEGIRL).

–Laura Trotta

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