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OPTY.NC – Ultimate 2.0 Vegan



Ultimate 2.0 Vegan is a comprehensive vegan elixir for individuals aged 30-50 or leading a busy lifestyle. It addresses the concerns of skin vitality, healthy aging, collagen production, gut protection, nervous system, mood and adrenal health in a single, delightful vegan dose.

Made from excellent ingredients including hyaluronic acid, pre and probiotics.
OPTY.NC evaluates and approves the ingredients and packaging of its products according to its Ethical Sourcing Policy, which covers efficacy and performance, safety, quality assurance and stability, environmental sustainability, supplier assessment and social impact and responsibility. Partners are expected to meet or exceed standards under the company's Code of Conduct within key categories like labour standards, customer and consumer protection and environmental standards. The brand enforces a zero-tolerance policy on the use of forced labour, human trafficking, child labour, harassment, and abuse. The brand's products are designed and manufactured in an HACCP and GMP-certified facility in Australia.
OPTY.NC is championing sustainable and organic materials in its products, sourcing the world's first plant-based collagen alternative called VeCollal. The brand aims to phase out the use of plastic in product primary packaging by mid-2024 and has already implemented the elimination of plastics from order shipping by utilizing cardboard shippers, paper tape and inner packaging made from recycled paper. In addition, the brand sources locally produced packaging materials and ingredients to reduce travel miles and support local businesses. A glass bottle has also been included for liquid serum packaging for easy at-home recycling.
OPTY.NC products contribute to global, social, and environmental initiatives such as supporting women’s financial success, mental health, and cleaning the seas. Customers can choose one of three nonprofits to donate $1 of their purchase to: Dress for Success Australia, Beyond Blue or Seabin Foundations. The brand also aligns itself with women-led businesses and industry forums to promote equity in women’s health and empower women through science-backed education.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love that this Ultimate 2.0 Vegan blend eliminates the need to source several different wellness supplements that I would otherwise require to support my overall health. The sourcing process can be particularly challenging in the plant-based realm, so this carefully curated product is such a welcome addition to my life and more specifically my daily smoothie!

I love that OPTY.NC carefully considers environmental sustainability, as well as social impact and responsibility when sourcing their ingredients and materials. Impressively, the brand has also sourced the world’s first plant-based collagen alternative called VeCollal.

–Dominique Scott


This was extremely delicious in taste! Easy to mix and dissolved well. It was a fun and vibrant colour. I loved knowing it was also so good for me. It’s exciting knowing that they are the first plant based collagen. I also applaud the global initiatives that they are a part of like helping mental health and cleaning the seas!

–Eljay Esson


Oh I loved the taste! I was surprised as to how much….Some collagen drinks don’t taste of anything let alone good and I like that it is such a good option for vegans as an alternative to seafood or bovine collagen. I also love all that they support – women, the sea etc!

–Fiona Noonan

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