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Ora Health – Organic Greens Superpowder+


Made from excellent organic ingredients including nutritionally dense greens, native Australian superfoods, mushrooms and organic B vitamins.
Ora Health selects only the highest quality plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients from all over the world, ensuring they are traceable to source. The brand discloses the provenance of all their ingredients on their website. The Organic Greens Superpowder+ is an ACO certified product and is made in Australia.
Ora Health ships their orders in recycled cardboard shippers, using only paper or biodegradable biofil to fill spaces in boxes. They also use the registered B Corp carrier Sendle. This year the brand is starting the journey towards being carbon negative and becoming B Corp certified.
Ora Health donated $2000 worth of Ora supplements to a free roaming herbal clinic in the Northern Rivers after the floods to help people in need. The brand also donated $1000 in cash to a floods fundraiser organised by BLAEK Store in Manly, Sydney. In addition, Ora Health donates 1% of their annual profit to Greenfleet.

What our experts say...


This is a truly innovative and carefully curated product. The fine green powder absorbs easily into liquid, which results in a colourful sweet drink packed with 15 vital vitamins and minerals. The details of these are clearly displayed on the beautiful amber jar, along with their very impressive ‘recommended daily intake’ figures. This plant-based brand considers the greater good of all. I am particularly impressed that Ora Health are not only working towards becoming B Corp certified, but are also aiming to be carbon negative!

–Dominique Scott


So many greens powders are not nice (especially in water), but this one was nice and natural tasting. The ingredient list is very long, but each ingredient is picked consciously and it shows. Very easily mixed in water. Really transparent list of both ingredients/sourcing and social impact, which makes it easy to understand how Ora does business. Adore the choice of glass always, and that the packaging was plastic free and/or compostable – even the label seems to be compostable.

–Jade Woodd


I really love the flavour and the packaging. I love that they’ve made donations to such great companies and organisations. I love all the ingredients used and appreciate that they’ve sourced such high quality ingredients.

–Hannah Edwards

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