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Organic Ministry – Purify Probiotic Lotion



This probiotic lotion, developed to address blemish-prone skin, offers soothing effects. It contains Agave Nectar, known for its moisture-locking properties and Probiotic Lactobacillus, which helps balance skin bacteria. Additionally, Tasmanian Blue Gum Extract is included for its purifying and brightening benefits.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including geranium and cucumber and organic rosehip oil.
Organic Ministry is a brand that values integrity in their actions, including transparency with ingredients and ongoing improvement based on customer feedback. They use native Australian wild harvested ingredients that were learned from First Nations people and create non-bias products that are suitable for everyone to use. The brand manufactures and hand bottles their products in Australia.
Organic Ministry is focused on sustainability efforts, including the use of recycled eco refill pouches to reduce plastic waste, sustainable waste practices and the reuse of packaging for posting. The brand is also engaged in ongoing research and development to find more sustainable ingredients, packaging and materials. Additionally, they use biodegradable mailers and reduce unnecessary packaging on products.
Organic Ministry is involved in ongoing support for local community schools and fundraisers, as well as being part of Brand South Australia and Shop SA local. They are also part of the Chooze startup, which provides access to skincare for customers with NDIS. The brand also donates seconds to local shelters as part of their social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


This unique probiotic blend comes in the form of a light lotion that glides seamlessly across the skin’s surface. The natural scent gives off hints of cucumber, which seems to enhance the soothing sensation the purifying product provides. I particularly love the addition of Tasmanian Blue Gum extract, which is thought to have a multitude of benefits in skincare!

Organic Ministry is a brand that clearly considers the efforts they can implement on an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible level. I am particularly impressed by their use of native Australian wild harvested ingredients and the brand’s dedication to creating cruelty free, vegan products.

–Dominique Scott


The consistency is great, this is a good formulation. The packaging of this brand is one of my favourites! I also love that they donate seconds to the homeless and the refillable options are also really great.

–Natalie Sellars


I liked the ingredients and formula. The scent is very refreshing! I was also impressed by their commitment to helping local charities.

–Arjun Sudhir

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