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Osmond Saint Skincare – Rose Quartz Infused Revitalising Mist



This Rose Quartz Infused Revitalising mist resets, hydrates and empowers the skin. Its superfood-infused formula (inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine), provides calming, hydrating and nourishing effects with essential vitamins and minerals.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including damascena rose, calendula, green tea, gotu kola, chamomile and heather extract.
Osmond Saint sources raw materials from suppliers that follow sustainable practices without using harmful and toxic chemicals. In packaging and product design, they use eco-friendly and sustainable paper packaging, including recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. The brand aims to reduce their carbon footprint by using eco-friendly and sustainable transportation options through carriers that prioritise sustainable practices and use alternative modes of transportation whenever possible. They also promote sustainability within their company culture through encouraging virtual meetings and reducing paper usage in their workspace.
Osmond Saint reduces waste by optimizing the use of raw materials, and aims to use eco-friendly and sustainable packaging, such as recycled or biodegradable materials. The manufacturing process minimizes its impact on the environment by using renewable energy where possible and optimizes production to reduce energy consumption. Osmond Saint also partners with carriers that prioritise sustainable practices and uses alternative modes of transportation whenever possible. The brand promotes eco-friendly and sustainable practices throughout its operations to reduce energy consumption, encourage recycling and minimize paper usage.
Osmond Saint produces superfood-filled skincare that is earth-friendly and benefits the wider community through a 33% give-back initiative, where 100% of the proceeds go towards selected giving projects. The brand aims to be a voice for change in the beauty industry and to promote sustainability through community outreach. The brand associates with like-minded spas, clinics, and businesses and advocates for the B1G1 movement to create a world of giving. Osmond Saint's goal is to implement sustainable practices while producing quality clean skincare products.

Product reviews from our experts…


Smells refreshing and when you apply it on your face it feels revitalised. I am impressed by their sustainability efforts beyond the factory – I hadn’t heard of B1G1 before so it was interesting to be introduced to a new charity outside the most common. Osmond is also active in ensuring that the businesses that use/sell their products also share the same mission and values.

–Catherine Jia


This face mist, uniquely infused with rose quartz, introduces a meditative element to my skincare routine which I love. The ingredients, featuring calendula, green tea, chamomile and damascena rose, are calming and hydrating. A luxurious, nourishing bath for my skin. I’m also impressed by this brand’s huge efforts to operate sustainably and give back to society.

–Emma Freeman


I love that this product is designed to provide ‘the meditation every skin deserves’ and includes Rose Quartz extract aimed to bring you back to your divine power within. How spectacular! The beautifully fragranced and utterly refreshing mist is an absolute pleasure to use.

I also respect Osmond Saint Skincare for their commitment to producing skin care that is earth-friendly and the brand’s give back initiative aimed at supporting selected giving projects.

–Dominique Scott

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