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Paper Saver – Classic Reusable Notebook


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Notebook made from premium vegan leather.
Paper Saver products are manufactured in China where office and factory staff are provided with above-average local wages and workers' insurance. The reusable notebooks are also handmade and highly durable to last for reuse over time. The brand endeavours to bring these eco-friendly products to consumers at reasonable prices which is why off-shore manufacturing is used for now.
Product deliveries are carbon neutral and have minimal packaging. Postal packaging materials used are either recycled or recyclable materials. Furthermore there is a repair program available for customers. While the Reusable Notebook is designed to last, if and when the time comes for its end of life, it is recyclable through TerraCycle's program. Paper Saver is a part of Sustainability Victoria's Energy Saver Program.
Paper Saver runs promotions 3-4 times a year in line with environmental awareness days, or as needed where they donate an amount from profits to local community groups and charities. Past recipients include The Tree Project, New Hope Community Care, Wildlife Victoria, City Life Community Care.

What our experts say...


The Paper Saver is a very clever idea. The notebook cover quickly becomes a full notebook with your recycled sheets of paper. I thought it was a great idea and instantly knew my son would love using it as we try to reuse paper where we can. I can see how it would have success in lots of different industries where reusing paper is possible. I thought the elastic band and bookmark were a great addition to the design too. Thoughtful approach to production when trying to balance all needs and including the affordability for the customer. Lots of connection with local charities

–Corrine Sultana


This vegan leather notebook is stylish and highly functional. Handmade and of exceptional quality, the product provides a second chance for used paper. The never ending supply of one-sided, school worksheets that accumulate in my home are now what make up the pages of my Paper Saver notebook. I love that this brand carefully considers every aspect of their creations. They prioritise making their products accessible and affordable and have both repair and disposal options for the notebooks in place.

–Dominique Scott


This product is a game changer. All of my besties are getting one for Christmas!! What a great way to save on paper. The design is sleek and matches my vibe, it’s something that makes a great gift for the most discerning friend, colleague or family member. I love it, truthfully this is one of the most practical, functional and beautiful stationery products on the market. I love the fact that price was an important factor to the creators of Paper Saver, it’s so common for products that are eco-friendly to be marketed at a prohibitive price point, being more sustainable shouldn’t just be reserved for those who can afford it. The production of the product is sturdy so it can be used again and again without the worry of it wearing out too soon. I believe that this product should be compulsory for all businesses with the means.

–Samantha Christian

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