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Paudha Healing – Revitalising Eye Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes hyaluronic acid, marshmallow and quandong.
Paudha Healing uses certified organic ingredients where available, which are sourced from local suppliers who work directly with Australian farmers. Their products are vegan-friendly and manufactured in their own solar-powered lab in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Furthermore products are hand crafted and produced in small batches.
All products come in glass jars and compostable mailers are used for delivering goods. To keep products safe in transit they are wrapped in Eco Wrap and Paudha Healing also use biodegradable bio fill made from corn starch.
Paudha Healing supports Halfcut Alliances and by donating $1 from every product sold. These charities aim to protect crucial forests for habitat and for threatened or endangered species, protect Traditional Owners’ land titles and start mass tree-planting projects.

What our experts say...


This was one of my favourite products in last year’s Awards and it has been a joy to trial once again! Firstly, the scent is heavenly – transporting me to somewhere beautiful and exotic. Only the teeniest pump is needed – my skin absorbs the serum instantly, meaning I can apply makeup straight away – love it! I love that all products are small-batch and I’m a big fan of Paudha Healing’s efforts to source locally farmed organic ingredients, use biodegradable packaging and mailers, run a recycling program and actively protect the environment.

–Emma Freeman


It has a delightful cooling sensation upon application and I was impressed with how so little of the serum went such a long way. It has a gorgeous slip over the skin that makes it perfect for a quick little massage or gua sha techniques for de-puffing. The scent is divine too! The mission to support other small businesses is really considered and commendable! Portioning profits to a charity gives a really lovely real time figure (rather than vague “support”) for a charity and that always gives the consumer a feeling that the relationship with the organisation is authentic.

–Amy Starr


I love the active ingredients; Hyaluronic Acid, and the Ayurvedic scent of this product. A stand-out from last year, this eye cream continues to impress, with its super light-weight, easy to blend texture and nourishing effect. The Rainforest Trust for tropical forests and endangered species. Vegan and certified CF are all commendable achievements. I love that their ingredients are Ayurvedic and pure, and that they are small batch, botanical products.

–Neha Hobson

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