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Paul and Paulie Organic Cotton Boutique – Natural Organic Cotton Pointelle Stretch Baby Blanket



The Natural Organic Cotton Pointelle Stretch Baby Blanket is a hypoallergenic and breathable product made from premium 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton. With its luxurious softness and safety for sensitive baby skin, this multi-purpose blanket is perfect for your little ones.

Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.
Paul and Paulie Organic Cotton Boutique uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and Class-1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 materials for their baby garments. The brand handpicks their suppliers and manufacturers in India to ensure that their values and practices are in alignment with the brand. They have a stable network of trusted suppliers who follow international standards for responsible garment production, and they personally visit and speak directly with their farmers and staff to ensure good business and employment practices. Their products are hypoallergenic and garment trims are free from harmful chemicals and dyes. SEDEX audits are undertaken to ensure that health and safety measures are maintained, no child labour is used, and female staff are paid fair wages.
Paul and Paulie are currently undergoing a rebranding that reflects the company's values and commitment to sustainable practices. The brand designs and produces baby and children's clothing made from 100% organic Indian cotton, using ethical and responsible practices that minimize waste and reduce the carbon impact of the fashion industry. The brand follows the ethos of slow fashion, producing high-quality garments in smaller batches, with leftover fabric and offcuts reused to make face cloths. The brand also uses a wastewater processing system that ensures no discharge of industrial wastewater and plant-based packaging that is compostable and free of plastic. Customers are given the choice to minimize packaging by going paper-bag-free or use recycled paper bags.
Paul and Paulie prioritises giving back to its wider community and partners with organizations to relieve poverty and assist families undergoing physical and financial hardship. In response to the damage caused by Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand, the brand is donating its garments to children and new mothers in affected areas through local agencies and charities like Shining Light Community Trust and Bare Necessities Charity. They also prioritise the wellbeing of their farmers and manufacturing staff in India.

Product reviews from our experts…


I loved how the design of the product focuses on the beauty of a natural yarn. This yarn selection is not only gentle, breathable and hypoallergenic which is amazing for my baby’s skin it also embraces the natural yarn colour which is a neutral cream tone that looks beautiful to style in my nursery and in photos with my baby. This blanket is going to feature in so many of my baby photo memories!

I am impressed that Paul and Paulie’s social responsibility statement not only supports their local New Zealand community but also supports the wellbeing of their farmers and manufacturing staff in India. I also love that Paul and Paulie don’t just rely on the SEDEX audit and instead take the additional personal step to visit their farmers and staff in India in person. From a social responsibility perspective, this displays great care for people at all stages of their supply chain globally!

–Renee Anthony


This baby blanket is picture-perfect with its gorgeous pointelle knit. I love that there’s some stretch for tucking bub in firmly and that it is breathable and so can be used for all seasons. Super soft against baby’s skin, this snuggly blanket is absolutely beautiful. Highly recommended!

–Emily Fletcher


It was great because it was a stretchy blanket and I actually ended up wrapping it around the pram! It had a pram liner feel – I did like the feel of it! I also liked that it was 100% organic! It would be most suited to use in Summer.

–Dee Zibara

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