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PB SKN – Refresh Cleanser


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes green tea, finger lime, wheatgrass and Tasmanian pepperberry extract.
Only ethically-sourced ingredients are used; through suppliers that commit to constantly increasing responsible sourcing, reducing impact to the environment and supporting workers and grower communities. In addition, their vendors and business partners also comply with laws and regulations under the same ethical principles and codes of conduct surrounding matters of human rights, child labour, equal opportunity, working conditions, environment, sustainability and quality. PB SKN is manufactured locally in Australia.
Products are manufactured in small batches and bottles are recyclable. PB SKN packaging material is sustainable and recyclable, it is also repurposed where possible. Tissue paper is eco-friendly, sustainable and sourced from a supplier that plants trees for every order that is made. Furthermore mailing boxes are made in Australia using FSC and PEFC certified materials, and orders are shipped using a 100% carbon neutral delivery service.
PB SKN supports small business by sourcing supplies and services locally eg. labels are printed locally in Brisbane. Supplies are sourced from Australian businesses that are eco-friendly and have sustainability as part of their ethos. Furthermore the brand supports like-minded Australian businesses that focus on community health and wellness by sponsoring their fitness and wellness activities and challenges.

What our experts say...


A fantastic, well formulated gel cleanser that gives the skin a thorough and deep cleanse. I love the lightweight texture and the ability it has to remove stubborn makeup and sunscreen from the face with one wash. I’m very impressed with this product, it is well thought out and wonderful for the skin. I love the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing, this resonates with my values. I admire their use of plant based/non-toxic ingredients as well.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai


This cleanser has a gorgeous subtle, sweet lime scent that is enhanced during the application process. Only a small amount of this refreshing gel is needed to cover the face and neck and it truly does detoxify and revitalise. Incredibly, the cleanser provides a deep clean while still keeping the skin feeling hydrated. It is encouraging to see this environmentally conscious Australian brand carefully consider the suppliers they use, with the intention of supporting small local businesses.

–Dominique Scott


I was immediately drawn to this product for its stylish, baby blue packaging and handy pump. The thing I love most about this brand is their attention to sustainable packaging practices. Nothing upsets me more as a beauty editor than receiving product samples wrapped extensively in non-recyclable materials. Brands like PB SKN are abiding by their sustainability ethos from product curation to distribution, and consumers are taking notice!

–Hannah Gay

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