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Peacelily – Kapok Pillow


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Outer and inner covers: GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, Filling: 100% natural kapok floss, double filtered and sun dried.
Peacelily products are handmade in Sri Lanka, with their fabrication factory employing and providing livelihood for local Sri Lankans. The brand does not condone child labour practices and staff are compensated fairly. Peacelily Kapok is 100% vegan with all materials sourced sustainably. Kapok was specifically selected as a plant-based filling alternative to down and duck feathers. The pillow also uses cotton fabric and no animal products or by-products.
Peacelily pillows are encased in nonwoven fabric instead of plastic. Kapok floss is harvested sustainably and not treated with chemicals harmful to the environment or humans. The pillow is packed in a cardboard box with minimal print or design and the box is quality sealed with minimal packing tape. Returned products are donated and given a second life through charity partners and the brand instructs customers to keep and reuse the pillow box to facilitate returns. Kapok is generally considered a sustainable fibre as trees do not need cultivation and generally grow on their own. In addition, harvesting kapok pods off trees does not require machinery.
Peacelily donates returned pillows to the Salvation Army Australia and encourages customers to dispose of their older mattress responsibly via Soft Landing. The brand offers a 100 Night Trial to their customers to ensure wise, wasteless purchases are being made. In addition, they offer a 25 year warranty on their mattresses, discouraging consumer behaviour of supporting throwaway mattress brands that only last five to ten years.

What our experts say...

This product has a truly high-quality feel to it. I really liked the size and the weight of it and my husband’s eyes lit up when he picked it up. I found that it was big enough for me to rest my shoulders and head on, and having a slightly elevated sleep has a lot of health benefits. It looked plush and inviting on my bed. My favourite use of the pillow was a body style pillow that I could hug onto which helped with my bad lower back.

I really like the social element of this product. Obviously it is sustainable but it’s nice to know that the workers are being compensated and that it is providing a strong economic option for a Less Developed Country. I also like the story of these kapok pods, it’s new to me. Given the lack of the machinery needed, I like that it would provide employment opportunities to female farmers. I particularly appreciated the consideration of the second-life of the returned pillows being donated to the Salvation Army.

– Emily Ehlers

This feels like a beautiful quality product. The outer cover can be removed for easy washing and the fibres inside feel unbelievably soft. I love that this business donates returned products to the salvation army, this is a great way to help those in need.

– Shannon Welch

Kapok is a silky soft fibre harvested from the pod of a tree grown throughout Asia. Organic in nature and preserving of the tree itself, this makes a beautiful, sustainable and hypoallergenic pillow filling. I love that this pillow is fully adjustable for a sleeper as you can just unzip the organic cotton case and remove as much or as little filling as you wish to get your desired loft for your individual sleeping position. I like that it moulds to my head and gives good support whilst also being soft and cool. I’m really impressed and highly recommend this gorgeous pillow.

–Emily Fletcher

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