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People of the Earth – Sun Butter – Organic SPF 40


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic, pure and unprocessed cold-pressed, organic fair trade ingredients. Includes zinc oxide, rosehip oil and active manuka honey in a cacao butter base. SPF 40+
People of the Earth consider every ingredient for their social and ecological footprint. Their Shea Butter is sourced from women’s cooperatives in Tamale, Northern Ghana. Co-operative profits are managed by the women and go towards schools, clean water and medical centres. The Cacao Butter is sourced from the Peruvian Kemito Ene co-operative, reforesting the Amazonian basin, via Loving Earth. The Coconut Oil is sourced from Niugini organics, which is family owned and operated, providing income opportunities for women and single mothers in Papua New Guinea. The Jojoba, a carbon-negative drought resistant tree is sourced directly from Australian farmers. Finally, Myrrh is sustainably harvested & sold direct by a women’s start-up co-operative in Puntland, Somalia.
People of the Earth’s products do not harm the environment in their manufacture nor pollute it through their use. The brand’s ingredients are selected for their low impact on the environments they are grown in. They select keystone species whose cultivation supports native ecosystems, with cacao and shea being good examples of this. People of the Earth also select ingredients for their low impact on the ecosystems they will end up in, with particular attention to aquatic and marine environments. They are 100% plastic free and their product tins can be re-purposed or recycled. In addition, all of their postal packaging can be composted.
People of the Earth directly support co-operatives using profits to restore and conserve the environment and choose to prioritise women-led organisations who use profits to build schools and improve access to medical services and clean water for their families.

What our experts say...

People of The Earth have created an Organic, meticulously sourced, plastic-free Sun Butter which I love! It smells delicious enough to eat and is easy to apply. I love their focus on responsible and ethical sourcing of each and every ingredient. The devil is in the detail with this product. People of the Earth have gone to great lengths to source ethically, naturally, organically, sustainably and transparently. This shows a strong commitment to creating a conscious brand that genuinely delivers against its values. Love this!

– Niccii Kugler

I loved the small size of the tin! I found it super handy to have inside my handbag without it being too big or bulky. I also found it provided great protection from the sun and didn’t leave any white residue behind. Such a beautiful example of a business who has thought about all aspects of sustainability. Conscious consumers (and myself) are attracted to brands that make thoughtful decisions about their packaging, being socially friendly and environmental ingredients.

– Petria Leggo-Field

Huge fan of this one – I especially love that the texture is almost like a balm. It smells good enough to eat and, unlike many natural sunscreens, is incredibly moisturising upon application. Great for the whole family and easy to throw into the bag when on the go. I’ve really enjoyed reading the breakdown of where each ingredient has been sourced and how local communities are benefiting.

– Emma Freeman

This is a gorgeous organic, plastic-free sunscreen. It gives no ghosting on my skin, feels like a rich moisturiser and has a delightful light chocolatey scent from the organic cacao butter. I love that it comes in a slimline tin that I can slide into any bag or pocket. It does spread much better in warmer temperatures – perfect for Summer!

– Emily Fletcher

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