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Perla Bambini – Bellini Natural Sea Sponge Honeycomb Unbleached


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 100% natural and organic sea sponge.
This product is manufactured in Italy where fishing rules are tightly controlled and sponges are only obtained from the Mediterranean Sea. The Bellini Natural Sea Sponge can only be handpicked by divers and must meet the sizing guidelines This is to ensure that the seafloors are preserved and this process assists with the natural growth and reproduction of the sponges.
The Bellini Natural Sea Sponge is 100% biodegradable and a 100% organic product. Once its lifespan has come to an end, it can be composted. The product is packed and sent in 100% recycled materials.
Perla Bambini are proud supporters of TLC for Kids and St Kilda Mums, to whom they have donated items and sale profits.

What our experts say...

A natural sea sponge to use on our skin – brilliant! 100% derived from nature, without any harm to our planet, and created with zero pollution or emissions. It feels so soft to use on both mine and my baby girl’s skin. We love it!

Using products on my family’s skin that are as close to nature as possible, without harming our planet is a high priority for me. Everything we use on our body needs to be ‘processed’ in some way. Processed products have the same effect as processed food on our system, so keeping everything that we use as natural as possible will keep us healthy and connected – the way we should be. I love that this brand has found a solution to regular cleaning sponges by deriving it from nature without harm, and returning it to nature being 100% biodegradable.

– Melissa Mai

What a delight to use! It has brought us so much joy playing in the bath, and even setting up little water play areas during the day! Once the sponge is wet it becomes so soft and gently cleanses the skin. I think we have just found our new favourite daily ritual!

It is wonderful to know sourcing this beautifully unique sea sponge is ethically done so by hand to protect the seafloor and that strict rules apply to ensure natural evolution. The fact the sponge is biodegradable at the end of their lifespan is also reassuring to learn!

–Teodora Tinc

What an incredible product which truly shows the beauty and intricacy of nature. With my new babies, there is nothing more important to me than using natural unprocessed products to touch their skin. Soft to the touch and also an intriguing toy to play with at bath time, I love that at the end of its life it can be composted.

–Emily Fletcher

Love the product and the nature of it too. Being a natural sea sponge I was expecting something rough but was pleasantly surprised by how soft the sponge is. Perfect for baby’s skin too. Great to hear that care is taken to source the natural sponges. Happy with the brand’s support of local communities.

–Larissa Tedesco

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