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Perla Bambini – Minikoioi Flexi Bib


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. High-quality LFGB approved food-grade Silicone.
The Minikoioi Flexi Bib is designed and manufactured in Turkey to European safety standards.
Perla Bambini’s bib comes in a reusable ziplock bag and all products are packed and sent in 100% recycled materials. As food-grade silicone is long-lasting and has an extremely high tolerance to heat, it will ensure customers can avoid the need to re-purchase the item on a regular basis.
Perla Bambini are proud supporters of TLC for Kids and St Kilda Mums, to whom they have donated items and sale profits.

What our experts say...

The size of this silicone scoopy bib is just the right size. The size of the scoop makes it efficient to catch what misses bub’s mouth, but the overall bib is small enough not to get in the way of babies’ free movement of arms. Plus it is non-toxic and can be easily rinsed and air dried for the next meal.

A bib that can be used from starting solids until 4 years and it’s easy wash and quick drying ability means you really only need one bib. In addition the quality is high and the bib can be passed down to other children and still look as good as new. It’s a wonderful solution to stopping unnecessary waste.

– Melissa Mai

I am a huge fan of silicone scoop bibs. They’ve absolutely saved me from countless loads of washing, stained clothes and also lost food. However, never before have I come across one which has been so well designed as this one. With super soft silicone and attaching around the back rather than with all the pressure on the neck, this is a markedly better design for babies. I also love that this can be folded over and clipped closed after a meal so that it can be easily and cleanly brought home to be washed. Highly recommended.

– Emily Fletcher

Beautiful design, high quality silicone and just a great easy-to-use bib option. I love that products are donated to St Kilda mums and families who might not have the funds to purchase high quality goods like this. Really admirable.

–Amanda Callan

Love that this bib has a different fastening that doesn’t sit under the chin. Also, a really great feature to close the bib up and keep the mess inside when wrapped up. I am happy with the brand’s support to local communities.

–Larissa Tedesco

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