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Perla Bambini – Sippy Cup


Made from BPS-free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free Tritan, silicone straw, polypropylene handles.
The Perla Bambini Sippy Cup is designed in Australia and manufactured in China, where assurances against child labour are provided. Where possible, Perla Bambini visits the production factory to ensure high standards are met and that there are no compromises made in the production of their products.
All products are packaged in 100% recycled materials and sent in cardboard boxes sealed with biodegradable tape. Where required, Perla Bambini sends their items in compostable satchels.
Perla Bambini is a proud supporter of TLC for Kids and St Kilda Mums, to whom they have donated items and sale profits.

What our experts say...

The handles were so great for the babies to hold onto – really easy to use product. The brand’s social responsibility all sounds good, supporting local mums is so great.

– Amanda Callan

I really like the design with the flip top lid and the weighted straw. It is sleek and easy to hold for little hands. The plastic feels a lot like glass which is luxurious and so far I can see they are leak proof like they say. It resonates with my values when the brand uses non-toxic materials in all areas and makes sure that the work conditions in factories are fair and safe.

– Shara Osorio

This leak-proof toddler cup is perfect for small hands to grab and has become a favourite of my son’s at the dinner table. Easy to clean, too. I appreciate that biodegradable packaging is used and the brand’s efforts to give back to society.

– Emma Freeman

Easy to hold and grip for little hands, this bottle can be used at any angle and the lid closes properly to give a great leak proof seal. I love that the straw can be changed so easily and that it is clear, so you can ensure there is no mould build up in any part of the bottle.

– Emily Fletcher

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