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Petit Kiddo – Nappy Change Lotion



An eco-friendly, rinse-free baby bottom wash that cleanses, moisturizes and protects. Made in Australia by conscious parents, this French recipe guarantees an effortless solution for maintaining your baby’s hygiene.

Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic olive oil and bentonite clay.
Petit Kiddo is an Australian brand that produces its products in a small laboratory, using a consistent formulator and small batches to ensure freshness. The brand prioritises ethical practices by choosing organic olive oil, making their products vegan (without beeswax) and removing the pump to reduce plastic waste.
Petit Kiddo is taking steps towards sustainability by recycling and reusing wrappings and bubble wrap when shipping bottles, using Sendle to offset their carbon footprint and promoting the use of their Nappy Change Lotion to minimize the amount of wipes used in Australia. Additionally, they plan to sell their products in bulk stores where customers can bring their own packaging.
Petit Kiddo is a small business with a goal of sharing their product with as many parents as possible by keeping it affordable. They plan to connect with charities and organisations supporting and empowering women and First Nations of Australia who can help preserve and protect the lands. However, they need to focus on getting Petit Kiddo back on track after a three-year hiatus before deciding on which organisation to partner with for their social responsibility efforts.

Product reviews from our experts…


I love how easily this lotion applies and the fact that it is made from organic ingredients so you have confidence that it will be safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. I also love that this brand has consciously developed a product to try to offset the use of baby wipes – which are a huge single use waste product!

–Emma Meyer


Stunning ingredients and texture. It felt really gentle on my bub’s skin and cleaned and soothed their skin really effectively. I really love how they strive to keep their products affordable. Accessibility and affordability can be big barriers to families switching to low tox products so this is a really beautiful way for their brand to make a big impact across our community!

–Courtney Dow


I like how it acts as a barrier cream without being thick.I also like how it’s produced in a small lab!

–Crystal Love

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