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PHOD – Sustainable Infection management – EnozoPro (Portable Aqueous Ozone device 1.5ppm)



Aqueous ozone, produced on the go using diamond electric technology, is a proven and safe toxic-free alternative to traditional household cleaning chemicals. It is sustainable and holds the highest industry certifications (HACCP FZP and Australian Claims), ensuring consumer peace of mind during food preparation and around humans. Leaves surfaces streak-free and sparkling.

Formulated from excellent clean ingredients. Machine creates aqueous ozone which breaks down to water after 20 minutes.
PHOD Sustainable Infection Management is a brand that uses ethical practices to produce Aqueous Ozone, a disinfectant made with just water. The product was designed by MIT engineers and manufactured in Boston, USA, with the assurance that no child labour was involved in the process.
The EnozoPro is made from recyclable Poly Carbonates and does not use plastic in its manufacturing process, except for the charger. It produces Aqueous Ozone, which is nontoxic and breaks down to water after 20 minutes, using only water. The product is part of PHOD's sustainability efforts for infection management.
The company PHOD - Sustainable Infection Management sees their social responsibility as including eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in homes and communities, as well as reducing plastic bottles from ending up in the sea and landmass. They claim that their product, the EnozoPro, can save the planet by holding 12,000 chemical cleaning bottles in four years. They also support charities related to kids with cancer.

Product reviews from our experts…


This is a pretty mind-blowing machine. It’s as easy to use as any normal spray bottle and makes aqueous ozone right on the spot – you just add water! Being aqueous, it doesn’t have the ozone fumes I was nervous about at all and within 20 minutes, it has completely converted back to water! (Whilst also having disinfected the surface it was on!)

Over the time I was reviewing this product, both covid and scarlet fever hit our household. The EnozoPro was in constant use disinfecting surfaces (a simple spray, wait for 30 seconds and done!) It was an incredible asset to have during a difficult winter and I will definitely be looking into buying one for our household!

–Emily Fletcher


This is an interesting idea, to use water slightly differently to clean with and decrease our use of single use packaging. I am also impressed by the lack of plastic usage!

–Corrine Sultana


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