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Pipet – Wheat Drinking Straws



The wheat straws are crafted from wheat plant stems, usually discarded or incinerated. They are entirely natural, biodegradable, devoid of chemicals and completely plastic-free. Unlike paper straws, they do not become mushy.

Made from excellent materials. Wheat stems.
Pipet has partnered with a manufacturer in Zhejiang, China, which is certified by the BSCI and offers safe working conditions and fair wages to its employees. Pipet's wheat straws are sourced sustainably and processed with minimal chemicals, using only water and UV radiation. The brand has worked tirelessly to find a manufacturer that cares for the environment and the community and continues to work closely with its partner to maintain high ethical standards.
Pipet prioritises sustainability throughout their business. They use upcycled wheat straws as an alternative to traditional plastic straws, FSC certified packaging with vegetable-based ink and no plastic and work to minimize their own carbon footprint by packing and shipping orders plastic-free and offsetting shipping emissions. The brand launched recently and operates from home to further reduce their carbon footprint.
Pipet has partnered with i=Change to embrace its three core pillars of social responsibility, focused on Our Planet, Our People and Our Future. The brand has chosen three charity partners to support: restoring the land, cleaning oceans, and fighting violence against women. Pipet is committed to taking a stand for the environment and communities.

Product reviews from our experts…


The Pipet Wheat Drinking Straws are the closest replacement to plastic straws that I’ve tried. They’re thin and soft and quite similar in feel to using a plastic straw – they don’t get soggy! I also love that the straws are home compostable and sustainably sourced and that the business has partnered with i=change.

–Fiona Morouco


It’s inspiring to see a new take on the replacement of the plastic straw, offering an alternative use for natural byproduct material as well as an alternative to the metal straw which can seem daunting at the thought of ensuring it is cleaned properly. Also the rigorous process to find a responsible manufacturer in China is admirable and paves the way not only for Pipet but for brands that follow.

–Montana Lower


I love that these straws are made from a fully home compostable product that would otherwise go to waste. I’m also impressed by the FSC certified packaging with vegetable-based ink and no plastic. I like the sustainable packaging used by this brand. This would be a great display to use in a cafe or hotel. I also like how the brand has partnered with i-change.

–Laura Trotta

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