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Pleasant State – Basin Bubbles Dish Wash


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients.
Pleasant State is built around a B Corp model to ensure they meet the highest social and environmental standards, are transparent in their operations, are legally accountable and that they balance profit and purpose. The brand uses all non-toxic ingredients and ensures fair wage to all workers and diversity in their team. In addition, they support local business with their entire supplier network being Australian based.
Pleasant State has designed a zero-waste cleaning solution, whose bar wrappers are also certified home compostable and are sourced from the Australian company CompostMe. The brand is currently in discussions with Terracycle to implement a take-back scheme for the plastic triggers when they reach their end of life. The brand’s packaging is zero waste consisting of a recycled cardboard mailer box, an FSC certified complimentary card, and kraft tape to seal the box. In addition, they have significant transport emissions by not shipping water around the country (with their bars weighing 15g vs 550 g for a diluter 500ml bottle). Products are shipped using Australian Post carbon neutral service. The brand’s headquarters are powered with solar energy and any energy surplus being fed into the grid.
Pleasant State’s Shareholder Deed makes clear that 75% of profits are to be invested into charitable causes, product development, and the establishment of a charitable foundation ensuring Pleasant State remains focused on its values. The brand supports their community by donating 2% of all sales to Take 3 for the Sea. In addition they have publicly committed to preventing the production of 100,000 plastic bottles in 2021, getting 15,000 customers to make the switch, and donating >$10,000 to our charity partner Take 3 for the Sea. They also provide public quarterly updates on our progress.

What our experts say...


A brilliant zero waste solution to washing dishes, I just love adding the concentrated bars to hot water and watching them dissolve in the bottle. The dish wash itself is slightly scented and does a fantastic job of removing food and grime from dishes. I love that a little mark on the bottle indicates when it’s time to start thinking about a refill. The reusable bottle is unbreakable thanks to the plastic sleeve. Pleasant State is a purpose-driven business that truly walks the talk when it comes to social responsibility. I really appreciate the huge amount of effort that goes into giving back to society and our planet.

–Emma Freeman


Pleasant State has created a simple to make and easy to use dishwashing liquid. Just drop a few bars into some water and in a few hours – bubbly washing up liquid. It’s a great idea to decrease waste and create a reusable option. Loved the cool container too. Pleasant State is a enthusiastic B Corp brand trying to do good at every opportunity

–Corrine Sultana


I was really surprised with how effectively Pleasant State dishwashing liquid cleaned the dishes, there was no stuck on food and the grease easily came off, plus how little I actually had to use. Overall, this brand ticks all boxes, it’s less harmful for the planet, is cost effective and I can definitely give Pleasant State 5 stars. I have a value of determination, and believe that Pleasant state also does. They made it very clear from the date of founding that they were working towards B Corp Status and in February this year they achieved it. Well done girls!

–Petria Leggo-Field

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