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Pleasant State – Stay Glassy Glass & Window Cleansing Kit


Formulated from excellent non-toxic ingredients, includes Australian lemon myrtle and mandarin oils.
Pleasant State is built around a B Corp model to ensure they meet the highest social and environmental standards, are transparent in their operations, are legally accountable and that they balance profit and purpose. The brand uses all non-toxic ingredients and ensures fair wage to all workers and diversity in their team. In addition, they support local business with their entire supplier network being Australian based.
Pleasant State has designed a zero-waste cleaning solution, whose bar wrappers are also certified home compostable and are sourced from the Australian company CompostMe. The brand is currently in discussions with Terracycle to implement a take-back scheme for the plastic triggers when they reach their end of life. The brand’s packaging is zero waste consisting of a recycled cardboard mailer box, an FSC certified complimentary card, and kraft tape to seal the box. In addition, they have significant transport emissions by not shipping water around the country (with their bars weighing 15g vs 550 g for a diluter 500ml bottle). Products are shipped using Australian Post carbon neutral service. The brand’s headquarters are powered with solar energy and any energy surplus being fed into the grid.
Pleasant State’s Shareholder Deed makes clear that 75% of profits are to be invested into charitable causes, product development, and the establishment of a charitable foundation ensuring Pleasant State remains focused on its values. The brand supports their community by donating 2% of all sales to Take 3 for the Sea. In addition they have publicly committed to preventing the production of 100,000 plastic bottles in 2021, getting 15,000 customers to make the switch, and donating >$10,000 to our charity partner Take 3 for the Sea. They also provide public quarterly updates on our progress.

What our experts say...

I was head over heels about the colour coordination of the bottles with their cloths and also the overall quality of them. They feel nice in the hand and are ultimately more appealing than any plastic alternative could ever wish to be (like real cheese vs. plastic cheese!). I have previously bought colour-coded cloths and then completely forgotten which was which, so I was very excited to have the reminder right there on the bottles! Many friends have asked me about these products because they’re so visually appealing. Aside from that though – they actually work. I have children who seem to not only have permanently grubby fingers, but the compulsion to smear them over every single window in the house – these really cleaned them up to the point of sparkling. They also smelt great!

I am sincerely impressed by the thorough consideration of so very many aspects. In particular the 1:5 pay gap – something I haven’t heard of before. They have also clearly gone to great lengths to clarify and certify their commitments to the health of people and planet (i.e. the CompostMe certification, working with Terracycle). I love the fact that they have set clear, measurable goals – how many bottles they’ll reduce, by when etc. You can tell that this is a company that truly considers the triple bottom line and that is something to be commended.

– Emily Ehlers

I like that it is easy to spray and the bottle is comfortable to hold. I like that it comes with a glass cleaning cloth that is able to be machine washed and cleans really well. I also find the smell really nice and not too strong. I love that they are thinking of their customers’ health, which is really important to me as I have asthma and my husband has silicosis. I love that they are thinking about how products can exacerbate or cause health issues and have created a product that is safe for their customers and the environment

– Shannon Welch

I love that I can purchase one gorgeous bottle and keep reusing it with cleaning bar refills. It makes so much sense, saves on packaging, carbon footprint through transport as well as space in my cupboard. It’s a win/win all round and I love it. This makes my mirrors sparkle in no time – even the bathroom one, which has more toothpaste on it than I care to admit!

– Emily Fletcher

Great glass cleaner that works really well on any surface actually. It has a light scent so doesn’t irritate and is great to use arounds kids. Easily dissolvable tablets so you don’t pay for water – just the active ingredients. Fantastic reusable glass bottle. Love the way it looks too and the colour coding.The passion for planet, social and corporate responsibility is very prominent with this brand.

– Corrine Sultana

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