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Poppy & Daisy Design – Handmade Paper Kit


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. Birch wood mould & deckle, aluminium mesh, glass jar of dried flowers (lavender, rose, jasmine, forget me nots), birch wood rolling pin, felt and cotton sheets.
Various components of the Botanical Bunting Kit, such as the wooden hammer, cotton squares and glass jars, are sourced from a reputable and ethical manufacturer in China with whom Poppy & Daisy Designs work very closely. Various Australian companies are chosen to supply items such as kraft packaging boxes, stickers, glue, wool and twine.
The Botanical Bunting Kit contains plastic-free contents and packaging, and is wrapped in kraft paper with twine with biodegradable adhesive stickers. A 100% recycled postcard and instructions are included. Poppy & Daisy Designs recycle, reuse or compost all the packaging that their materials come in and use compostable mailer bags for shipping.
Poppy & Daisy Designs are committed to educating children about how to protect the planet, whilst having fun. They do this by designing plastic-free toys and using inspiring postcards that teach kids about sustainability. Poppy & Daisy Designs are also a female-run business that hires local mums to work in their business during school hours. Furthermore they drop off seasonal stock such as playdough to local kindergartens and to the children's hospital. 10% of their sales were also donated during the floods to go to affected families, along with other businesses.

What our experts say...


I love how Poppy & Daisy activities are as much of a learning experience for parents as they are for kids! My two boys (3 & 6) and I had never made paper before and marvelled at how the watery pulp (made from scraps of old paper) transformed into sheets of beautiful pale blue paper, speckled with dried flowers! This activity definitely involves trial and error and quite a bit of patience, but in the end we created six beautiful sheets of our own handmade paper. The boys were so proud! I love that so much thought has gone into ensuring all the materials in this kit are sustainable and long-lasting.

–Emma Freeman


This was such a gorgeous activity to do with the kids which utilizes time, gets them involved and allows them to be creative using nature – all big wins in my book! Plus the outcome is gorgeous paper they can keep and do something else with afterwards. I love how it was presented as well, it would make a lovely gift and I will be purchasing more off the website. I also love that everything is non-toxic and the majority of materials are sourced from Australia which is always tricky for a small business as sourcing locally is more expensive!

–Lee Sutherland


I remember making paper in school so it was lots of fun to create with the Poppy & Daisy Designs Handmade Paper Kit with the kids. It’s a wonderful learning experience and requires patience from the kids to see the end result. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. I also love that the business is plastic free and aims to reduce broken plastic toys in landfill!

–Fiona Morouco

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