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Poppy & Daisy Designs – Botanical Bunting Kit


​​Made from excellent non-toxic materials.
Various components of the Botanical Bunting Kit, such as the wooden hammer, cotton squares and glass jars, are sourced from a reputable and ethical manufacturer in China with whom Poppy & Daisy Designs work very closely. Various Australian companies are chosen to supply items such as kraft packaging boxes, stickers, glue, wool and twine.
The Botanical Bunting Kit contains plastic-free contents and packaging, and are wrapped in kraft paper with twine with biodegradable adhesive stickers. A 100% recycled postcard and instructions are included. Poppy & Daisy Designs recycle, reuse or compost all the packaging that their materials come in and use compostable mailer bags for shipping.
Poppy & Daisy Designs are committed to educating children about how to protect the planet, whilst having fun. They do this by designing plastic-free toys and using inspiring postcards that teach kids about sustainability. Poppy & Daisy Designs are also a female-run business that hires local mums to work in their business during school hours.

What our experts say...

This was so beautiful, such a great idea and you can really see and feel the quality and time and effort put into this product. And it really encourages outside time in nature, which is a double win! I love that everything is sourced locally and handmade, so impressive!

– Amanda Callan

There is nothing so engaging for children than giving them free reign making art with a hammer! Bang, bang, bang! My children have loved this set and been delighted watching the natural dyes of leaves being imprinted on their cloth bunting. Beautifully made and presented, this is a really fun, memorable and dynamic activity kit for children.

– Emily Fletcher

A clever product that enables parents and children to create in a way that is sustainable and gentle on the environment. I have never come across a product like this and believe it hits a real niche area. When celebrating we all too often select banners and bunting that are single use and become landfill. This bunting kit is designed so that children along with their parents are creating while being conscious about the environmental footprint they are leaving.

All materials are considered and their message about looking after our mother earth resonates with me quite firmly. Employing mothers so that they can care for their children outside school hours is another element that sticks with me.

– Mikaela Hanson

This delightful activity was a joy to carry out with the children from start to finish. It got us all out into the garden and nature strip, searching for leaves and flowers. A wonderful activity to undertake at the start of spring! The kids were delighted to see the colours from the flowers and leaves transfer to the cloth. They have hung the bunting on their bunkbed and proudly tell visitors about how they created it together. I love that the materials are 100% free of plastic and that they teach children to make the most of available resources.

– Emma Freeman

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