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Powerpants – The Brief


Made from excellent non-toxic materials. 95% GOTS certified organic cotton, 5% elastane.
Powerpants are ethically made with love by a BSCI certified manufacturer in China. Audit reports ensure that the talented garment makers are paid fairly and have good working conditions. Powerpants are printed by boutique printers in Sydney at local market rates. Printing is completed in small batches by the talented female owners of the business.
Powerpants consider the environment at every stage of the production and delivery process, through the use of certified organic fabrics and eco-friendly water-based print, shipping in large garment bags/boxes rather than individually wrapped products, compostable or recycled and recyclable packaging, as well as carbon neutral delivery (Australia Post).
Every pair of Powerpants makes a difference. For each pair sold, the brand donates $1 to their partner The PNG Tribal Foundation, supporting their work with women and children escaping violence. Powerpants aims to inspire self-love, with this theme running through their products, communication and blog "The Self Love Project". The brand shares the powerful stories of everyday women that have overcome adversity, with the belief that one woman's story is another woman's survival guide.

What our experts say...

The Powerpants Brief offers a variation to everyday basic underwear while still providing quality and comfort. The affirmations are a daily reminder to practice positive thinking while the underwear offers practical support all day round.

Powerpants’ social responsibility statement is clearly angled towards supporting and empowering women throughout their supply chain and with their profits and marketing efforts. It’s encouraging to see brands using their impact and existence for good and it resonates that they’ve chosen women to support through the brand.

– Brittanie Dreghorn

With every pair of these underpants, you also receive an exceptionally worded, relevant and powerful affirmation card. The undies themselves are the comfiest undies ever in organic cotton with a thicker, super stretchy elastic and the affirmation actually written on them, so you have a daily reminder. What a winning combination!

–Emily Fletcher

I’m already a major fan of Powerpants after last year’s Awards, and this year I’ve been treated to more secret affirmations… “I’ve got this” certainly has helped me through COVID round 2 and an interstate move! I’m a big fan of the shape and the GOTS certified underwear are comfortable and extremely soft against my skin.

I appreciate the brand’s zero waste, carbon neutral delivery process and that the brand supports a charity out of PNG. So important to take care of our neighbours!

–Emma Freeman

These feel good, organic cotton powerpants are creatively coloured, soft to touch and beautifully breathable. They also come with positive vibes encouraging bravery, strength and kindness. A perfect gift to bring an element of inspiration into the life of someone you love.

–Dominique Scott

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