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Prota – Microbiome Face Mask



This ultra hydrating Prebiotic Face Mask contains Squalane, providing calming and protective benefits while preserving skin moisture. Enriched with Caviar Lime extract, rich in AHAs, it delivers natural exfoliation for a fresh and radiant complexion, maintaining the skin’s barrier.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including squalane and caviar lime extract.
Prota is a female-founded Australian brand which sources all of its ingredients locally and thoughtfully to ensure only clean and natural ingredients are used. The brand has received PETA certification for both Vegan and Cruelty-Free status and uses the Australian Made logo proudly.
Prota is committed to protecting the delicate balance and health of the planet through every aspect of their business. As consumers use upwards of 15 products on their skin every day, their overconsumption leads to a significant amount of waste in landfill, particularly plastic waste, which is a significant contributor to air pollution and is an external stressor that further destroys the skin barrier. To combat this issue, Prota offers a simplified skincare routine that reduces waste, uses sugarcane-derived tubes, sources Australian ingredients locally, uses FSC cardboard packaging and furthermore uses compostable mailer bags to ship orders.
Prota is engaged in social responsibility efforts with the support of i=change, which includes aiding several charities to protect the environment and empowering women through various programs.

Product reviews from our experts…


Hello quiet achiever. You can tell this product is doing good. From its soft aesthetic package, carefully considered ingredient list and quietly achieving probiotic formula, first use had my skin feeling more refined and hydrated with the clever inclusion of Squalane. So easy to use, gentle on skin, I found myself reaching for this one on the regular.

Female founded, peta certified, plus the simplified approach to skin care routines really resonated with me. You can tell their passion is considered and thought about through every step of the process.

–Amy Hughes


I liked that it was mess-free, and the mask felt very soothing on the skin. I was also impressed by their social responsibility and their sugarcane-derived packaging.

–Arjun Sudhir


I love that this luxurious, creamy mask feels more like a dense nourishing moisturiser on application. Despite how gentle the microbiome mask was, the results of this treatment were powerful. My skin was radiant and felt what can only be described as healthy and balanced. I am so impressed!

This female founded, Australian based and owned brand is making great efforts in considering the planet in all of their business decisions. I respect Prota’s motivation to create a simplified skincare routine in order to reduce waste – Bravo!

–Dominique Scott

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