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Pure Cosmetica – Multi B Serum (Face Oil Daily Serum)



Pure Body Luxe Multi-B Face Oil Serum is a scientifically formulated product that contains Bakuchiol oil, a natural alternative to Retinol. It is enriched with vitamin A and 21 botanical and essential oils that effectively moisturise, protect, and support anti-aging of the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and is non-greasy.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients, including bakuchiol, meadowfoam and blackberry seed oils.
Pure Cosmetica prioritises Australian Made growers who source their ingredients from ethical and sustainable growers worldwide. The ingredient distributor is approved by leading ecological testing organizations and holds various certifications, such as ACO National Standard, COSMOS and Cruelty Free International. The packaging and marketing materials are printed in Australia and the brand is certified and licensed with Australian Made for its Pure Body Luxe product line. Pure Cosmetica ensures the responsible production of materials that do not harm the environment, oceans, wildlife, pets, or people. The manufacturing process takes place in-house or at local establishments, which the brand inspects for integrity. Moreover, the formulations are only tested on adult humans.
Pure Cosmetica sources and uses only ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients for their formulations, with organic ingredients used when available. The brand utilizes ethical extraction methods for botanical and essential oils and is in the process of obtaining independent GMP and ISO accreditation status for their manufacturing processes. Packaging materials used are recyclable, including glass bottles and recycled PET-1 plastic and the brand has a robust recycling program for paper, plastics, glass, and waste ingredients.
Pure Cosmetica supports various local charities, events such as Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day luncheons and local schools by donating products for their fundraising efforts. The brand also fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees and providing a work-life balance, as well as being sensitive to personal and family-related matters.

Product reviews from our experts…


Oooh I loved this lightweight oil-based serum from Pure Cosmetica. The Multi B Face Oil Daily Serum texture was light, absorbed really easily into my skin and the gentle woody fragrance felt really grounding. A joy to use and at a great price point! Pure Cosmetica clearly has an incredible commitment to certification, organic practices, and ethically sourced ingredients.

–Amanda Ramsay


I love that this product contains bakuchiol alongside a long list of nourishing plant and seed oils including argan, meadowfoam and watermelon seed. A rich oil which is best applied at night-time. I also appreciate that this product is locally-made and that efforts are made to source ingredients ethically and sustainably.

–Emma Freeman


I loved the non-greasy feeling of the Pure oil. The 21 natural oils were obvious to me that it was a beautiful yet complex product that had me feeling like it was age defying. I used it on my hands as well as my face and neck and could see a real difference in the fine lines on the tops of my hands and neck when the product was on the skin.

I was also impressed with the fact the company utilizes ethical extraction methods for botanical and essential oils and that they use marketing to show their sustainability so the consumer is aware (I think this is rare and we need more of it so consumers can help make the right choices).

–Amy Maree

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