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Pure Deo Co. – Magnesium Deodorant – Lemon Myrtle


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Many organic ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil.
Pure Deo Co sources their beeswax from two approved suppliers that are actively campaigning towards bee sustainability, bee health, and the elimination of harmful farming practices impacting worldwide bee health (i.e. neonicotinoids and others). They work with their approved suppliers to ensure their internal standards of sustainability, ethical practices, ethical employment standards, reliable supply chain and certification processes are met or exceeded. This standard includes a no exceptions policy forbidding any form of animal testing, animal cruelty or animal habitat impact. Pure Deo Co. also employs an audit representative to ensure the internal standards of their suppliers in China. All testing is conducted on willing humans and all products are certified Australian Made (by the brand).
Pure Deo Co. has made a commitment to being a single use plastic free company by the end of 2021. Their deodorants are presented in a certified compostable and biodegradable tube. All products are shipped using recyclable and biodegradable cardboard boxes with certified biodegradable labels and tape. The brand also intends to be approved as a B Corporation in the future and are using the reduction of their carbon footprint as the catalyst to this objective. The production of their products produces no run-off, waste byproducts or environmental contamination, either airborne or physical.
In 2020 Pure Deo Co. targeted their fundraising efforts towards the Australian Bushfire Relief Funds for communities and wildlife. In 2021, they are targeting Breast Cancer related charities leading into the October Breast Cancer Awareness month and are currently in search of a charity to partner with for the long term in this area, with the hope of finding one that will adopt an outlook that does not rely on studies funded by large personal care corporations. The brand also produces significant digital content to educate people of the dangers of harmful chemicals in deodorant.

What our experts say...

The product smells and feels great and the lemon myrtle feels more assuring than the rose as an effective antidote to stinky armpits. I’m excited to hear of all the many ways this company is considering its footprint and working to reduce them as they grow. Bees are a particular passion of mine, so also lovely seeing this considered in detail.

– Alena Turley

I really love the products packaging aesthetic and the nice citrus scent. It is nice and easy to apply and doesn’t stain my clothing or clump together. It kept me feeling fresh all day and is the perfect size to have in my bag on the go. I love everything that this brand is doing including their fully biodegradable and compostable packaging, their work to ensure safe and ethical practices with bees and their charity work with the Australian bush fires and breast cancer. 

– Stephanie Kurlow

This product smells really good and feels great on my skin. I am also really excited about their Pure Deo Co’s ongoing strive for better including their commitment to education, packaging and community via charity. It is great to hear they are en route to becoming B certified and I love the effort that they have gone to to ensure a non-greenwashing approach to packaging.

– Rebecca Sullivan

With an addictive fresh lemon myrtle scent, this magnesium-based deodorant will have all the bicarb sensitive users jumping for joy. Just as effective as the best, super easy to use and in a zero waste cardboard tube. Love!

– Emily Fletcher

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