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Pure Earth Collection – All-Season Bamboo Sleeping Bags


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. Outer: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton jersey, Wadding: 100% organic bamboo. Recycled polyester YKK baby approved zip.
Fabrics used by Pure Earth Collection are GOTS certified and all factories they work with have Sedex or BSCI approval, upholding very high ethical standards.
Products are made using only natural materials, which are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Where plastics are unavoidable (for example the zip of the baby sleeping bag), Pure Earth Collection source zips made from recycled and safer plastics. The off-cut fabrics from sleeping bags are used to make Pure Earth Collection’s teething toys and fabrics that are too small are sent to charities, which use them as craft and design supplies for underprivileged children.
Pure Earth Collection often donates products or fabrics to KIN (Kids In Need) who supports vulnerable families. They also set up a not-for-profit platform bringing together experts and professionals to offer advice to new and expecting mothers who couldn't access the levels of support usually available.

What our experts say...

As soon as I opened this Sleeping Bag I could feel its warmth & softness. Overnight temperatures can drop pretty low in Melbourne, Australia (even in Spring!) and my daughter often wakes cold between 4am-6am, but the Pure Earth sleeping bag kept her snug all night without the use of a heater! As fellow Mama’s can attest, avoiding middle of the night wake ups is a big win! I also appreciate the fact this sleeping bag can be adjusted to fit babies from 4.5kg up to 3 years old.

Not only have Pure Earth Collection considered every part of their production process so that they are creating a product in which every material is sustainably sourced and biodegradable – they are responsive and proactive to the current needs of the world. Offering blankets to new mothers birthing during the lockdown and setting up a Not-For-Profit Parent Support Program shows this company’s commitment to ‘making a difference’ to the world. I resonate deeply with their leadership in this area.

– Melissa Mai

Love the soft cotton and how nice it is against bubs skin. Great temperature regulator and the little comforter attached to the sleeping bag is life-changing. Love the brand’s initiatives in reducing waste and removing ocean plastic while also supporting local communities and children and mums in need.

–Larissa Tedesco

Utilising fully the breathable nature of natural fabrics, this incredible bag has been designed to be used all year round and from the ages of 3 months to 3 years old! I love the heavier weight of this sleeping bag and find my son sleeps so much better in it as he can’t kick around so easily. I’ve always really struggled finding a weightier sleeping bag for the warmer months that is still cool enough to sleep in and I love that this provides that, except for in extreme heat. A really gorgeous sleeping bag which will last the whole sleeping bag journey from baby to big bed.

–Emily Fletcher

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