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Pure Earth Collection – Organic Blackout Blinds


Made from excellent, non-toxic materials. 100% organic heavy weight cotton fabric.
Fabrics used by Pure Earth Collection are GOTS certified and all factories they work with have Sedex or BSCI approval, upholding very high ethical standards.
Products are made using only natural materials, which are sustainably sourced and biodegradable. Labels and packaging bags are all made from organic cotton and use non-toxic inks. Pure Earth Collection is also passionate about reducing ocean plastics. With each product sold they remove 33 grams of plastics from our shores and oceans as part of their Cleaner Oceans Pledge in partnership with Surfers Against Sewage.
Pure Earth Collection often donates products or fabrics to KIN (Kids In Need) who supports vulnerable families. They also set up a not-for-profit platform bringing together experts and professionals to offer advice to new and expecting mothers who couldn't access the levels of support usually available.

What our experts say...

I wish I had found this blackout blind earlier! I have tried ‘blu-tacking’ my blinds to the window sills, and covering the windows with tin foil to block the light – all in the name of a ‘good night’s sleep’! This blind works, full stop. And I love that I can easily pack it in my suitcase for stays at holiday rentals etc. It’s amazing that such a useful product for a Mum has been created with all natural materials, sustainably sourced & biodegradable.

Not only have Pure Earth Collection considered every part of their production process so that they are creating a product in which every material is sustainably sourced and biodegradable – they are responsive and proactive to the current needs of the world. Offering blankets to new mothers birthing during the lockdown and setting up a Not-For-Profit Parent Support Program shows this company’s commitment to ‘making a difference’ to the world. I resonate deeply with their leadership in this area.

– Melissa Mai

Incredibly pleased with the quality of the product and the efficacy considering it doesn’t use plastic as an isolant. Love the size and ability to resize it to fit different windows. Love the initiatives in reducing waste and removing ocean plastic while also supporting local communities and children and mums in need.

–Larissa Tedesco

My approach to Charlie’s sleep has been to always just go with the flow from day one. But as he’s getting older and as summer approaches, it’s been so handy having the blackout blinds to keep his room dark and maintain his 7pm bedtime, regardless of what season it is! I adore all companies that make such an effort to be ethical and sustainable and Pure Earth have gone above and beyond in achieving this vision.

It is wonderful to learn how committed Pure Earth Collection is to being sustainable in every aspect of their business from materials to packaging and postage and they are backed up by certification. Their passion to further positively impact the earth and communities continues through their commitment to removing plastic from the ocean and supporting mothers and families in need through donations and gifting of products.

–Teodora Tinc

It is little known that most blackout blinds have a PVC backing which can leach endocrine disrupting phthalate chemicals into the air and then settle into the dust on our floors. Young children are most at risk from these chemicals as their bodies are developing and exposure to hormone disruptors can potentially cause negative long term health effects. I am delighted to see such a beautiful, practical and easy to use solution to blacking out our windows, to ensure my little one naps peacefully even when it’s bright outside. Giving a full effect dark room from the thick organic cloth and then being so easily packed away and transported, I just wish this came into my life earlier!

–Emily Fletcher

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