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Pure Mama – Belly Oil


SILVER + Editor’s Choice

The Pure Mama Belly Oil is a daily pregnancy ritual consisting of a nourishing blend of natural and organic ingredients. It supports the body’s natural growth during pregnancy, with a focus on promoting dermal elasticity and deeply hydrating the skin.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients including sweet almond, avocado and jojoba seed oils.
Pure Mama is a New Zealand-based brand that focuses on using naturally powered ingredients that are ethically sourced. They create vegan and cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals and all their fragrances are 100% natural.
Pure Mama has sustainability at the core of their brand and ensures that everything they do reflects this. From new product development to warehousing to office set-up, they rigorously look for sustainable solutions for both their business and customers. This includes recyclable packaging, recycled material for product boxes and gift boxes designed to be kept. They use recycled plastic and biodegradable or recyclable freight boxes/bags, making it easy for customers to understand how to recycle.
Pure Mama chooses a different charity to donate a minimum of $500 to every month. They support charities such as the Neonatal intensive care unit and woman refuge centre. The brand additionally aims to support mothers who are suffering from infant loss and miscarriage by sharing personal stories, donating to 'Give a little' pages themselves and encouraging others to do so as well. The brand is working towards becoming a B-Corp organization.

Product reviews from our experts…


This is a beautiful belly oil that smells delicious and feels great on the skin. I love the simplicity of the product and packaging and that it doesn’t leave an overly oily or sticky feeling on the skin.

It’s clear that Pure Mama is committed to creating a quality product and leaving minimal environmental impact. I love that the brand gives back to its communities.

–Brittanie Dreghorn


I love the packaging, the subtle smell (which, I personally find, is much nicer than others) and the consistency of the oil. It’s a really beautiful product and a great size. I actually really enjoyed the application of the product via the dropper as I could put the product in specific areas with relative ease.

I applaud brands that combine people and planet within their core values. Pure Mama gives back to communities each month, striving for quality ingredients. I really love that this brand uses qualified women in the creation of their products in order to develop quality products that will last, be scientifically beneficial, be specific to pregnancy and will not go to waste.

–Laura Wells


I love how a little goes a long way with this oil. It spreads so easily. I like the Doppler as well. I also love the use of natural, organic ingredients. I liked how the packaging is recyclable. I noticed the packaging as soon as I received it and had a feeling it was made from recycled products. I really value how the company decides to donate to different organisations each month. The minimum amount donated is also very impressive!

–Crystal Larissa

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