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QED Skincare – Wrinkle Rewind Repair Serum


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes rosehip, evening primrose and camellia oils.
All QED Skincare products are vegan, cruelty-free and made of naturally derived ingredients. Locally sourced and Australian-grown ingredients are used where possible. Common fillers, parabens, sulphates are formaldehyde are excluded from QED products, which are manufactured and packaged in small batches by the Sydney-based team.
All products consist of biodegradable plant oils and are free of palm oil and microbeads. QED Skincare uses glass, aluminium or easily recyclable PET for product packaging. Their delivery processes are also eco-friendly, using tissue, boxes and compostable mailers.
Supporting others, in particular women and children, is within the QED Skincare DNA. They have actively fundraised for Royal Hospital for Women Foundation, The Cancer Council, The Heart Foundation, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and many more. Free treatments, vouchers and product donations have been offered to many local charities, schools and hospitals by the QED Skincare team.

What our experts say...

A brilliant serum that helps smooth and repair the skin. It feels lovely on the skin and has a soft texture that sinks in very nicely. Provides adequate hydration throughout the day as well. I appreciate the brand’s approach to philanthropy and sourcing their ingredients. A commendable brand with great values.

–Shahrzad Kahrobai

The look and functionality of QED’s packaging is stylish and innovative, which makes their product line a pleasure to use. I like that the formula is dense, yet absorbs well into the skin, providing an immediate plumping effect. It’s great to learn that QED are looking to incentivise customers to re-use their product packaging. Recycling is a practice that comes second nature to me as an individual, and so it’s encouraging to learn that beauty brands are doing the same.

–Hannah Gay

The packaging is sleek and beautiful. Feels luxurious. The serum is more of an oil which I prefer on my dry and reactive skin! Even though the products aren’t made with organic ingredients, the transparency and the reason behind that decision is great to see. QED is an incredibly philanthropic brand doing special things for the community.

–Madeleine Edwards

I’d never heard of a serum you apply over the top of moisturiser before, however this is designed to lock in any nutrients from your skincare and also to ensure deep hydration for those with extremely dry skin conditions. Dispensed by a dropper, this lovely nourishing oil is beautifully minimalistic in its ingredients list to reduce sensitivities and also optimise benefits from the antioxidant-rich oils it contains.

–Emily Fletcher

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