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Quite Frankly Natural – The Double Cleanse – Cleansing Butter Balm



Introducing a rose gold makeup remover and cleansing balm, infused with Amazonian Cupuaçu butter and Camellia oil. This natural formula melts away makeup and impurities, suitable for all skin types. It deeply cleanses without stripping the skin and is free from synthetic emulsifiers, PEG’s and essential oils. Perfect for pre-cleansing or double cleansing.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients. Includes Amazonian Cupuaçu butter and camellia oil.
Quite Frankly Natural produces natural and vegan formulations in Australia, with high-quality, naturally derived ingredients. The ingredients are sourced locally and from local suppliers, and certified organic ingredients are included where possible. They adhere to ethical practices, including using ingredients approved by COSMOS.
Quite Frankly Natural is committed to sustainability in their product packaging. They use glass or PP plastic, which is the best kind for recycling in Australia. For their Double Cleanse - Cleansing Butter Balm, they have upcycled discontinued jars. For shipping, they use recycled cardboard, hex-wrap instead of bubble wrap, and reusable and compostable satchels. They do not use individual product boxes but use little velvet pouches to protect their glass packaging during transit, which can be reused and upcycled for other purposes. The brand is working with Carbon Halo to measure and reduce their carbon footprint for a more sustainable future.
Quite Frankly Natural collaborates with i=Change to give back to global communities through conscious consumerism. As an e-commerce business, they choose three NGO projects and allow customers to choose where the funds go after every sale. Customers can also make their own donations and track the impact with full transparency. QFN operates with a culture of service and social responsibility.

Product reviews from our experts…


Aside from being aesthetically dreamy to the eye with its gorgeous pink berry tint, I also adore the texture of the product and how fun it is to use! Also loving the delicious berry scent! Yum!

I am very impressed with Quite Frankly’s sustainable and ethical standards. I am also very impressed with their ability to use upcycled plastic and not make more plastic!

–Candice Needham


I love that it’s for all skin types. This cleanser has some amazing clean ingredients. I am also impressed by how they use PP plastic and such great recycling practices. That they partner with charity for conscious consumer awareness is to be commended. They really have thought of the big picture!

–Eljay Esson


It melts into the skin and lifts impurities easily – my face was so hydrated afterwards! I also like that they use upcycled discontinued jars. For shipping they use recycled cardboard, hex-wrap instead of bubble wrap and reusable and compostable satchels which I appreciate.

–Elise Wilson

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