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Rainbow Chai – Organic Rainbow Chai


Made from excellent ingredients. Biodynamic black tea with Certified organic spices.
Rainbow Chai’s BioDynamic tea is sourced from an independent, fair trade, plantation in Sri Lanka. The brand works with a farm that utilizes ethical workplace practices and where the workers are shareholders. These shareholders also live in a village within the plantation with schooling, health clinics and solar powered accommodation available to them.
Rainbow Chai’s products are sourced from a solar powered production house. In addition, the brand utilises low impact packaging for their products, such as cardboard, paper, biodegradable cellophane, and sugarcane cellulose tea bags. They also encourage purchasing in bulk to reduce packaging.
Rainbow Chai endeavors to educate others about the ease of running a sustainable, low impact business by speaking at Sustainability Fairs and on online forums and raising online awareness of ethical and environmentally conscious issues. The brand has been interviewed for various publications relating to environmentally conscious business practices. Rainbow Chai donates to humanitarian organizations in India and Nepal, in recognition of these countries being the birthplace of Chai. Most recently the brand donated to UNHCR (Australians Supporting the UN Refugee Agency) after releasing all available funding was being channelled towards Covid needs. Rainbow Chai also supports local fundraisers, schools and charities with products to sell or use in raffles.

What our experts say...

I like the cute design and paper box, really lovely organic ingredients and the taste. I love that the company has ensured workers along the whole line of production are treated with respect and have a share in the company’s profit, as well as practicing biodynamic farming.

– Jade Woodd

A delightfully full bodied chai. I love that it isn’t sweetened so that I can create my own perfect pot. Black pepper free – this chai is the one to choose for those who want a strong chai flavour, however don’t want the heat that can often come with it.

– Emily Fletcher

There’s a lot of work that goes into getting a chai blend right – and Rainbow Chai have nailed it. A simple blend of black tea and just 6 spices, the secret is getting the balance right. The flavour is rounded and packs a small punch – reminding me of the tea prepared for me by a Punjabi Indian friend that I made during my travels through India. I love that this tea is ethically sourced from a biodynamic farm in Sri Lanka.

– Emma Freeman

Bold spicey scents greet you from the moment you open this rainbow themed box of organic Chai. The dry earthy looking tea blend, with whole green cardamon pods scattered amongst the mix, provides a dominant warm ginger flavour followed by a symphony of subtle spice. Wonderful as is or with a dash of milk.

– Dominique Scott

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