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Raw Nature – Bug Repellent Stick – Just Bug Off


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients, including rosemary leaf, cedar and citronella oils.
Manufactured in Auckland, NZ by Shieling Laboratories who take checking the quality and sourcing of the ingredients, including their suppliers and their certifications very seriously. Raw Nature products only contain 100% Natural origin ingredients, with NO palm oil and are Certified Cruelty free.
Raw Nature products come in 100% home compostable cardboard packaging including recycled cardboard mailing boxes and paper tape. They also run a zero waste office that includes recycling waste bins (food/paper/landfill/compost) and having no disposable kitchen items.
Raw Nature currently donates to three charities, including NZ Sustainable Coastlines Charity, Trees that Count (1000 native trees planted at Christmas) and The Good Fund (making period care accessible to everyone). In addition, the brand is involved in multiple school zero waste schemes.

What our experts say...

The first thing that I noticed I liked about this Bug Stick was how easily it came out of the cardboard tube. So many of these tubes require so much hard work – this one was great, which made it so much easier to use. It also goes on really smoothly and gives the skin great coverage. Filled with excellent skin loving and bug hating ingredients. Worked well for myself and the kids – great one for them to apply easily.

–Corrine Sultana

Wonderful to see this in cardboard packaging. Great smell and great feel. Lovely that it isn’t overly strong and stinky for the kids. Excellent to see such consideration in ingredients sourcing and such high values being applied to supply lines and sourcing. It’s a no brainer really, but surprisingly rare. The mention of a zero waste office also does not go unnoticed.

–Alena Turley

I’m a huge fan of this zero waste, easy to apply insect repellent. Manuka oil has been used as an insect repellent by the Māori people for hundreds of years and also has antibacterial properties to protect any scratches from turning nasty. Combined with citronella and other essential oils known to deter insects, it has worked really well protecting myself and my children against mosquitoes. It will definitely be in our picnic bag over summer!

– Emily Fletcher

I’m a BIG fan of bug repellent that doesn’t fumigate the room upon application! This wonder balm contains a winning combo of ingredients that repels insects, smells refreshing and nourishes delicate skin. A fantastic option for smaller kids. Love that all the packaging is compostable and a range of charities are supported.

–Emma Freeman

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