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REB Cosmetics – Perfect Pink Lipstick


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients including jojoba and orange oils and shea butter.
REB Cosmetics products are all manufactured in SA, using a great deal of plant based ingredients.
The brand uses biodegradable mailers, biodegradable wraps (instead of bubble wrap) and does not use boxes to help reduce their environmental footprint. Furthermore their products are palm oil free.
The REB Cosmetics founder is an SA Ambassador for the Melbourne based Bully Zero program. The initiative focuses on putting programs in schools and the workplace to be able to identify bullying, how to deal with it and making people aware of their actions. This is a cause they are very passionate about, and part of this has also been raising awareness of mental health issues that stem from bullying. Furthermore they often bring awareness via ABC News and Radio taking about these key topics around bullying, youth suicide and the long term effects on families.

What our experts say...


I like the creamy texture and pigmented formulation. This cool-toned pink brings a pop of colour to any look! I like the plant-based ingredients, and the fact that they are palm-oil free. I appreciate their work with Bully Zero as suicide and bullying are such serious issues today!

–Neha Hobson


This lipstick is lovely to apply and feels very comfortable and moisturising on the lips. If you like a pale pink lip this is a great one to have on hand. Apart from their approach to their product, it’s great to hear that the founder is so involved with the Bully Zero organisation!

–Ash Quinn


A fun baby pink Springtime shade, this lipstick isn’t greasy and has remarkable staying power. I really appreciate that this formulation is palm oil free and that the founder is so involved in helping raise awareness of bullying and youth suicide.

–Emily Fletcher

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