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ReMI Beauty – Night Moisturiser Starter Set



Introducing the ReMI Night Moisturiser Stone, a 4-in-1 solid skincare product. Made by RL Foote Studio in Melbourne, it comes in a handmade ceramic box. Formulated with native botanicals and BIOME Oléoactif®, it effectively preserves the skin’s microbiome and strengthens its natural defense within 15 days.

Formulated with excellent clean ingredients, including wattleseed extract, Australian blue cypress oil and organic Australian avocado oil.
ReMI Beauty operates its own lab, allowing the founder to personally choose suppliers and trace every ingredient used. They source native essential oils from local suppliers who practice regenerative farming methods and their bioactives come from trusted suppliers who use cutting-edge, green extraction methods. The brand practices hyper-local production to ensure the highest ethical and sustainability standards are met. Each moisturizer is handcrafted in their own lab in Melbourne and the accompanying ceramic box is made by RL Foote Studio in the same city. Printing is also done by a local Melbourne-based printer.
ReMI Beauty is a skincare brand with a circular mindset, aiming to restore both ourselves and the planet. Their moisturiser stones are highly concentrated and waterless, reducing waste and maximising efficacy. The packaging is plastic-free, with FSC-certified paper and handmade natural clay ceramics. The stones are handmade in small batches in a Melbourne lab, using hyper-local production to minimise their carbon footprint. ReMI Beauty strives to create a beautiful experience with high-performance products that are adopted by consumers, ultimately achieving their mission to restore ourselves and the planet.
ReMI Beauty has partnered with Plastic Bank to remove 1kg of plastic for every product sold. This partnership aims to benefit the environment and waste workers in developing countries who earn fair wages from the plastic removed.

Product reviews from our experts…


There’s no words! Unlock self love, self care and pure skincare with one product. Time stops as you massage this into your skin and take some time for you. The stunning little pot acts as a gentle reminder that even on the days you feel too tired to care you can’t help but give in and enjoy the rewards. This might be the most excited I’ve been about skincare in a long time. Multitasking and luxury are two of my favourite things but aren’t often used in the same sentence – it’s love!

Using local suppliers who practice regenerative farming methods, sourcing bioactives from trusted suppliers with cutting-edge, green extraction methods, this product is as much self love as it is science! I’m also so onboard with their mission to restore ourselves and the planet.

–Amy Hughes


This product is a completely luxurious experience and has become a favourite part of my nightly selfcare routine. Stunning ingredients, elegant packaging and I adore the unique application – my skin has been loving it!

This is a brand that clearly walks the talk when it comes to their values. Not only a unique packaging option with the beautiful handmade ceramics, but working to remove plastic is a great and relevant initiative.

–Courtney Dow


The ReMI Night Moisturiser Starter Set is different, it comes in a ceramic box which is very aesthetic and has a great smell! We were also impressed by the brand’s plastic bank partnership and that they are plastic free and environmentally friendly.

–Kirstie + Sarah

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