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Retreatment Botanics – Kakadu Brightening Serum


Silver + Editor's Choice
Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes Kakadu plum, finger lime, desert lime, milk thistle and chamomile extracts.
Retreatment Botanics are Certified Australian-Made, Palm-Oil Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. Their products are formulated with high quality Australian Native Botanic Extracts, which support our Indigenous communities.
Toxin-free and clean ingredients are used in all Retreatment Botanics products, which are recyclable through the TerraCycle Program. Their product boxes are made from recycled materials, as is their postal packaging (which is also completely recyclable).
Retreatment Botanics support the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre, which provides world-leading research, education and treatment for people and families.

What our experts say...

A lovely, light yet hydrating cocktail of vitamin C-pumped botanicals, including; Kakadu plum and finger lime. It absorbs quickly and works well under makeup. I like their palm oil-free certification and great work with cancer awareness.

–Sigourney Cantelo

I like this serum’s refreshing and uplifting scent, and the rich, nourishing texture. The product absorbs fairly quickly and does not leave behind any sticky residue. The skin has a semi-matte, supple, and soft finish.
It’s incredible to see Retreatment Botanics giving back through their support of cancer research and treatment, and their consciousness in regards to their footprint on the environment.

– Neha Hobson

I’m already a big fan of this serum after trialling it for the Awards last year! After birthing two children and years of frolicking in the sunshine without a care in the world (meaning no sunscreen) my face is covered in hyperpigmentation, sunspots and I have an extremely uneven skin tone. Upon one week of use, I can see (very slowly) that my skin tone is evening out a little. The serum, despite containing a highly concentrated amount of vitamin C, does not dry out my skin (too much) thanks to the added ingredients of aloe and hyaluronic acid. I’m a big fan of the violet glass bottle.

–Emma Freeman

I discovered this amazing serum when reviewing the 2020 Awards and was so impressed, I have been using it over the past year. During this time, I have not only noticed an evening of my skin tone pigment-wise, but it has given me smooth skin. As someone with naturally oily skin who is prone to milia, regular use of this serum has completely solved the problem. I recommend starting slow as it is very concentrated, however it is active enough to truly make a lasting difference. Highly recommended.

–Emily Fletcher

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