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Rinascentia – Divine Oleum With Coenzyme Q10 + Chamomile


Formulated from excellent, non-toxic ingredients. Includes organic shea butter, jojoba seed oil, olive and avocado oils.
Rinascentia is an animal cruelty-free brand that sources Australian-made organic ingredients and uses Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter. Products are designed and manufactured locally and are plastic bead-free. Furthermore they grow some of their fruits, vegetables and herbs that are used in their products. Products are created and manufactured by Rinascentia in Sydney, Australia.
Pesticide-free ingredients are chosen for Rinascentia products, which are housed in glass jars and bottles to avoid the use of plastic and encourage customer refills. Compostable mailers are also used for deliveries. Furthermore products are designed to be multi-functional.
Rinascentia proudly supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society, as well as the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

What our experts say...


I have used this product before and love it, love how gentle it is and is ideal for anyone who has very sensitive skin. I love Rinas attention to fair trade and also the thought put into ocean care in all of her production!

–Carla King-Turner


My favourite thing about this product was how many different ways it can be used. It simplifies your skincare routine without compromising on quality. I love the detailed information provided by Rinascentia, I wish more brands were like this! I also think that in store refills are a great idea.

–Lottie Dalziel


This is a stand out for me! Truly divine in its ability to be used as an oil serum and cleanser. The smell and the feel, this is everything. It gives a stunning light reflective finish to the skin and I love wearing it on the décolletage. The smell of this oil is delicious, and you feel delicious wearing it too. My skin is visibly smoother and hydrated after use and being in a slimline bottle I am happy to reapply throughout the day to add to the radiant glow this gives me. When using the oil removing cloth, it was a true home spa moment and I love it. This travelled really well as it is very sturdy. I also love the personal approach taken in choosing charitable donations by this brand.

–Amy Hughes

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