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Rinascentia – High Eye Q Eye Cream


GOLD + Editor’s Choice

Introducing a unique blend of Probiotics – Lactobacillus Ferment, Vitamin K, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Caffeine and Peptides. This high-performing formula effectively reduces signs of aging around the eyes, including wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. It tones the skin.

Formulated with excellent clean, mostly organic ingredients, including green tea, pomegranate and Bulgarian rose otto.
Sydney-based brand Rinascentia prides itself on its commitment to ethical practices, including not testing on animals and avoiding plastic beads. The brand sources Australian and local organic ingredients where possible and even grows some of its own produce. In addition Rinascentia supports the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society and Australian Cancer Research Foundation. All products are designed and manufactured on their premises in Sydney.
Rinascentia focuses on sustainability efforts by continuously seeking eco-friendly packaging alternatives, purchasing compostable mailers, using pesticide-free and animal-test-free ingredients and formulating their products with the least number of necessary ingredients. They aim to reduce their impact on the environment and make their products go a long way.
Rinascentia uses Fair Trade Shea butter in their products to support women, families, and communities in northern Ghana. The brand also supports the Australian Marine Conservation Society to preserve the ocean's beauty and the Starlight foundation to provide assistance to Australian kids. Furthermore, they ensure sustainability by using non-toxic cleaning products and reusing or recycling packaging.

Product reviews from our experts…


Oh you little pot of luxe! This stunning little potion effortlessly plumped up the skin around my eyes after one application. The time was right – I’d been staring at a computer screen and could feel the fine lines forming! After regular use, this little gold pot proved itself as a major contender in the smoothing stakes. I love its peachy consistency and the skilful use of peptides, green tea and caffeine to pep up my eye area! Pat this on throughout the day over makeup too – it blends seamlessly!

You can tell Rina really cares about her products and their impact- she thinks about every single ingredient that goes into her formulations! She focuses on sustainability by continuously seeking eco-friendly packaging and innovative methods for meeting her high standards for ethical practice.

–Amy Hughes


This product would be lovely for mature, dry under eyes. The rich consistency sunk in nicely but still offered lots of hydration. I liked the addition of probiotics to balance the skin’s microbiome and caffeine to depuff! I am also impressed by this brand’s charity contributions and growing some of its own produce!

–Erin Norden


I absolutely LOVED this eye cream, it felt nourishing on the skin but also absorbed quickly, my eyes felt instantly hydrated and makeup glided on easily afterwards. I felt like I instantly looked fresh and it took away any puffiness under my eyes. I really felt like I have seen a difference in my under eyes from using this product!

It truly impressed me that they do not test on animals and source pesticide free and animal-test free ingredients in their products. I also appreciate that they use Fair Trade Shea butter in their products to support women, families and communities in northern Ghana!

–Amy Maree

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